Eric Koffler is interested in careers that can help others and considered nursing before deciding on a more suitable building. In his first job, he discovered his passion for healthcare design.Four years ago he joined NBBJ, He participated in various hospital projects. Outside the office, he has been busy making an impressive collection of board games.

What attracted you to a career in healthcare design?

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in architecture, I took a one-year vacation to determine my next steps. When I realized that the idea of ??needles made me uncomfortable, I vacillated between becoming a nurse and getting a master’s degree in architecture. I got a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The rest happened by accident! My first job in Chicago was an interior designer/medical planner.

What do you like best about working in healthcare design?

Interact with end users. It is during these participation processes-conducting research and asking questions about their processes and pain points-we can determine solutions through planning and design. I like to solve problems and be part of the team, which not only improves the patient experience and results, but also improves the health and well-being of employees.

What challenges at work keep you awake at night?

Budget. The design industry is constantly being asked to do more with less, while ensuring that the employee and patient experience is the top priority.

The three healthcare design projects you participated in last year and your role

1 Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center New Bed Tower, Charlotte, North Carolina, chief interior designer/medical planner.

2 Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation Replacement Hospital, Charlotte, NC, Chief Interior Designer/Medical Planning Supervisor.

3 Mohawk Valley Health System, Utica, New York, medical planner/interior architect.

Three words to describe your design aesthetics

1 Modern.

2 Approachable.

3. Create a sense of place.

Three unexpected objects on your desk

1 pulse oximeter

2 Digital thermometer (I am participating in the COVID-19 vaccine trial and I have received a prompt to record my vital signs.)

3 Samples of luxury vinyl tiles. Given that my dining table is my WFH desk, I quickly realized that putting all these technologies on it would scratch it. Instead of buying expensive blotting paper, I gave this sample a new purpose.

Outside the office, we will most likely find you…

I like outdoor activities surrounded by nature. Living in Chicago usually requires a weekend vacation, so I like a three to four-day weekend trip. My last time was to a lakeside cottage in Michigan.

What are your hobbies during the epidemic?

Game night! Our board game series has multiplied in the best way. We have a good portfolio of strategy-based games, as well as games that are more mindless but more active. The latter is perfect for groups where you want to chat more without paying too much attention to the next step.

Coffee or tea?

100% coffee; 0% tea.

Early risers or night owls?

Night owl all the way. Although, bedtime is getting earlier and earlier these days.

How did you make your first dollar

In high school, I worked for my grandmother and grandfather’s dairy farms for several summers, helping them mow and nurse hay, drive tractors, and milk cows.

Your preferred karaoke song

I sing throughout the school and even took a master-level vocal course while earning a master’s degree in architecture, but I am not a karaoke person!

The first album you bought

I don’t remember the first one I bought, but the first gift I received was New Kids on the Block cassette for Christmas.

Selected cocktails

I prefer bourbon. I drink a lot of Manhattan and old-fashioned wine these days.

Last time you danced

Probably around the house sometime last night. After working at home for a whole day, something strange happened.


Band/Music Artist Jesse J.

color It is easiest to describe it as dark cyan.

Guilty pleasure chocolate.

Application/website Skyview. I will use it when I am out of town and can see the stars. It can identify planets, stars, galaxies, and even the International Space Station in augmented reality.

Snacks while traveling Orange slices.

Ice cream flavor Mint chocolate chips, but I will not refuse classic vanilla.

sports I’m the kind of person who would rather participate in sports than watch games.

team I don’t care much about sports, but I do live a few blocks away from Wrigley Stadium, so I think this makes me a fan of the Cubs?

Visit the city Barcelona. I will definitely go back, but there are so many places I want to go. Machu Picchu and Iceland are my top choices.


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