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The Impossible Politics of Johnny Cash Atlantic Organization

Wildlife Week-in the picture guardian

During the flood, the rain canal kept devouring people PSAs

SantaCon returns to New York New York Post

Former FedEx driver charged for dumping thousands of dollars worth of packages into Alabama Canyon New York Daily News

Why Donna Summer was “one of the original rock stars” British Broadcasting Corporation

Burying Leni Riefenstahl: a woman who opposed Hitler’s favorite filmmaker for life guardian

For 50 years, CT scans have saved lives, revealed beauty, etc. Science news

#Coronavirus disease

Amid threats of violence, legislators waived bills to pay hospital bills Ars Technica

Schultz denies that Germany is divided on COVID vaccination German wave


The Omicron variant may outperform Delta, which may worsen the Covid-19 epidemic in the United States statistics

Denmark’s Omicron surge is a warning to the rest of the world Business times

Covid: The first people in British hospitals to use the Omicron variant British Broadcasting Corporation


“Providing boosters in three months will have scientific significance” Mirror

University of Florida launches formal investigation after reports of Covid-19 research data breached CNN has (General Manager)


With the emergence of Omicron, large areas of India have not yet been vaccinated Indian consumption

Omicron Variant threatens to overturn Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 recovery diplomat

Hong Kong requires travelers from the U.S. to stay in isolation camps France 24

Class struggle

Starbucks employees in Buffalo just won a union for themselves Jacobin

In the secret world of breaking trade unions: labor-centered scholars target their research?? Capital & Main. Capital and Main is carrying out a series of activities related to union destruction; this article is one of them.

With the advent of winter, the steel workers escalated the crucial Yili labor struggle Payday report

Workers’ uprising came to a dollar general in Connecticut Wabo

COP26/climate change

In Kentucky’s deadliest storm in 130 years, 18 tornadoes caused at least 70 deaths: as tornadoes sweep across towns, more than 100 deaths are expected in six states Daily mail

Explainer: Is the tornado outbreak related to climate change? Associated Press

Satellite photos show that at least 6 people were killed in an Amazon warehouse in Illinois before and after the tornado collapsed part of the roof Business insider

Energy Dome uses carbon dioxide as a grid-scale battery New atlas

New U.S. nutrition assistance strategy destroys Africa’s most hungry people Al Jazeera


China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Putin dominate the G7 Reuters

G7 countries warn that Russia will have “huge consequences” if it invades Ukraine Hindustan Times

Medical treatment

Over-the-counter hearing aids are coming soon. This is how to prepare. Wall Street Journal

Column: Leaked Southern California Hospital Record Reveals Giant Automated Marks in Healthcare Los Angeles Times

Our famous free media

Past explosion: PG&E continues to privatize San Francisco’s electricity Yasha Levine

Julian Assange

The judicial kidnapping of Julian Assange Fight back. John Pilger.

The Assange case is the United States defending its right to lie: notes from the edge of the narrative matrix Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Administration

Dictators in the Middle East breathed a sigh of relief: the United States hinted that the democratic summit would not change policy Responsible governance. Nothing basic will change.

Kamala Harris needs to be taken seriously Wall Street Journal

Trump transition

Hillary Clinton predicts that Trump will re-elect in 2024, calling it the “point of success or failure” today

Trump said he “liked” Obama at his event with Bill O’Reilly in Florida New York Post

In the process of fighting for election control, Trump’s loyalists encountered few obstacles now

Empire Folding Watch


Éric Zemmour is not a fascist-he is a product of the French establishment Open democracy

Old Brady

Dirty and scandal threaten one of the safest seats of the Conservative Party Financial Times


After COP26: Why India needs a climate investment framework electric wire

Without a clear framework for closing coal mines, India’s transition to renewable energy will be a mess scroll

Mamata Banerjee’s national ambitions did not go according to her plan electric wire


What Putin really told Biden Pepe Escobar

ESG Mirage Bloomberg

College Lin

The silent scandal of university teaching free


In its tense relations with Turkey, China is considering the Kurdish issue diplomat

China in Africa: As debt hits countries battling Covid-19 disruption, there is no longer hard cash South China Morning Post



Insider of the fall of Kabul now

The secret history of U.S. diplomatic failure in Afghanistan New Yorker

Dam Grant


Turkish President calls social media a “threat to democracy” Hill

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