Galileo Exchange launches its native token “GELT” – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Galileo Exchange launches its native token “GELT” – Sponsored Bitcoin News


Galileo Exchange is a pioneering hybrid of cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain projects, and accelerated price dynamics innovation. It combines these basic elements to bring trust, innovation, value and entertainment.

Galileo Exchange is fully developed, proprietary and market ready

The platform introduces many unique features, including:

  • Gamification of financial markets
  • The world’s first dynamic tethered index (DTI)
  • High point operation trading tools
  • Zero Edge Ecosystem (100% RTP)
  • Native Token (GELT)-Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Bonding Curve Tokenomics
  • Bitcoin Guaranteed liquidity pool
  • Community-centric growth
  • Bi-weekly Trading Championship
  • An evolving development roadmap

The Galileo Exchange is a breakthrough in the participation, fun and profitability of traders.The platform aims to balance the competitive environment by eliminating all transaction frictions, and Aims to return 100% of funds to users.

In addition, the GEx platform provides ultra-fast transactions, high profit potential and generous rewards, thereby bringing a first-class user experience.

Bonding Curve Tokenomics of GELT

Galileo Exchange acts as a constant liquidity provider through its bond curve mechanism. When GELT is traded on an exchange, the token price will rise or fall at a predefined price point on the binding curve.

The most impressive thing is that ALL BitcoinThe purchase of GELT’s, whether it is investment or transaction, will accumulate and Never spent, Form a foundation Guaranteed liquidity pool This supports exchange.

  • GELT is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • GELT is linked to Binance Coin (Bitcoin)
  • GELT’s tokenomics is set according to a deterministic and transparent combined curve function, which is implemented by algorithms

100% of token sales revenue comes from GELT’s liquidity pool

GELT tokens are underwritten by a liquidity pool (funds), which contains all accumulated Bitcoin Deposits from the sale of GELT tokens.

In addition, all BitcoinSave with published public key, so supervision and transparency Bitcoin Balance is always possible. Users always know that liquidity is guaranteed.

GEx has the world’s first dynamic tethered index (DTI)

DTI is something “traded” on the Galileo Exchange. DTI is a tokenized index created by combining basic assets with atmospheric noise (ATN), forming a new type of digital “hybrid” instrument. DTI aims to turn every second into a profitable trading opportunity.

Why is atmospheric noise? … ATN is a commodity of natural origin, which is the definition of true randomness (TRNG), but when applied to trading, it increases trading opportunities through more trading settings and 100 times more pip operations than traditional indexes.

Value proposition and GELT’s capital gain potential

The Galileo Exchange and its native “zero edge” token ecosystem will be launched at a valuation of less than $1 million, which is an incredible value proposition for early adopters.

You can Galileo Exchange Platform Use Binance Coin (Bitcoin), 24/7 guarantee of liquidity, according to the bond curve.

Galileo’s future roadmap

Galileo Exchange has flourished and has become a fully functional zero-edge “gamification” platform, making it not only your best choice for day trading, but also the best choice for casino games and sports betting!

in conclusion

GELT tokens can be used as investment strategies (HODling), and can also be used to trade on exchanges, so as to achieve zero spread, zero slippage and zero fee environment.

At Galileo Exchange, we are working hard to become the platform of choice for day traders in our unique trading ecosystem. Join us on a unique journey to disrupt the financial, gaming and sports betting industries.

The Galileo Exchange operates in accordance with Australian law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria. To learn more, please join our evolving Telegram Community, download Light paper And start trading access Galileo Exchange now!

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