Bitcoin hash rate hits a record high, indicating that thousands of next-generation machines have joined the competition – Mining Bitcoin News

Bitcoin hash rate hits a record high, indicating that thousands of next-generation machines have joined the competition – Mining Bitcoin News


Although the price of Bitcoin is consolidating near the $50,000 area, the hash rate of the network reached an all-time high (ATH) on December 8, 2021, reaching 194.95 exahash per second. Although the difficulty of mining Bitcoin has increased by 8.33% since December 11, the processing power of Bitcoin miners has been greatly improved.

Bitcoin’s computing power reached 194 Exahash per second on December 8, and mining difficulty jumped by more than 8% after 3 days

The price of Bitcoin hit a record high in 2021, breaking the record of previous years. Similarly, due to the exponential growth of SHA256 computing power, Bitcoin’s computing power has also hit a record high twice this year.although Bitcoin On May 9, the price reached $64,000 in ATH in mid-April, and Bitcoin’s hash rate reached a record high of 191.42 exahash (EH/s) per second. Bitcoin On November 10, the price reached another ATH again, jumping to $69,000 per coin.As the price of Bitcoin has dropped by about 26% since then, Bitcoin’s computing power has soared to another The maximum life span reaches 194.95 EH/s December 8.

The situation has changed a lot since the last hashrate ATH on May 9, because Bitcoin Seeing that the biggest mining difficulty in its life cycle has dropped by 27.94%. After dropping by 4.81% again, the difficulty has continuously increased by 9 times since then. In the past four weeks, BitcoinDifficulty of mining decreased by 1.49% Increased by 8.33% On December 11, in terms of mining difficulty, it was almost as difficult as mining Bitcoin As on May 13, the difficulty parameter is 25 trillion. At present, the difficulty of the era after the change on December 11 is 24.1 trillion, which is only slightly lower than the difficulty of ATH.

Changes in the distribution of computing power, the possibility of thousands of next-generation mining machines coming online

Another change that can be seen since the peak of hashrate on May 9 is the significant change in the distribution of top mining’s Top mining pool It is an ant mining pool with 19.39% of the global computing power or 34.6 EH/s and the second largest Bitcoin The mining pool is F2pool, with a computing power of 14.16%, which is 25.27 EH/s. Foundry USA has become a new top competitor in recent months, occupying third place on December 12, 2021, accounting for 13.07% of global computing power, or 23.32 EH/s.

In the last quarter of this year, Unknown hash rate or invisible miner It has always been an important force in the distribution of computing power. Today, unknown computing power is recorded as the fifth largest mining entity, accounting for 12.20% of the global computing power, or 21.77 EH/s. Bitcoin Mining is still profitable, because a machine that generates 110 terahash (TH/s) per second and is $0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh) will earn approximately $22 per day Bitcoin exchange rate.

In the last quarter of 2020 and the first two quarters of 2021, there are many Mining machine order From the corporate mining business. Many of these companies are expected to deliver top Bitcoin mining equipment at the end of the year and early 2022. Order tens of thousands Part of the next generation of mining equipment, a small part of these ordered machines are likely to be online now, dedicated to the SHA256 hash rate for the network.

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