Pepsi debuts, 1 inch extended P4 Metaverse and Tom Brady give away NFT

Pepsi debuts, 1 inch extended P4 Metaverse and Tom Brady give away NFT


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Pepsi and VaynerNFT join forces

Pepsi roll out Their Mic Drop Genesis NFT series consists of 1,893 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This number is to commemorate the year Pepsi was born. Consumers only need to pay for gasoline. To ensure that the cost is easier to manage, Pepsi has implemented a waiting list process from now until December 14.

In order to pay tribute to the brand’s history, the design of NFT is based on the visual changes of the microphone and is inspired by Pepsi’s iconic flavors, including classic blue Pepsi, silver sugar-free Pepsi, red Pepsi wild cherry, black Pepsi zero sugar and so on.

The Pepsi Mic Drop NFT series was designed and created by VaynerNFT, a consulting company under VaynerX Holdings. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerNFT, told Cointelegraph, “NFT will forever change the culture of value creation; this is an exciting time for the brand to build loyalty and bring great value to its community and fans.”

In addition, Pepsi-Cola is implementing a carbon offset program to launch Pepsi Mic Drop NFT to ensure that the net carbon footprint is zero.

1 inch and part of the four-drop mystery box

1inch and Parts of Four: a joint collection of magic and industry Will debut Dropped as a mysterious box on the Binance NFT market on December 13th. A total of 22,000 NFTs with 31 versions will be minted, divided into 7 levels of complexity, each priced at 25 BUSD.

Based on the Parts of Four catalog, the NFT digital jewelry series adopts the NFT method based on alchemy. The series will also be part of a game focused on acquiring and creating rare wearable devices in P4’s upcoming Great Metaverse.

The P4 Metaverse expansion will start with the ERC-20 community token P4C, and then the NFT platform running on Binance Smart Chain or BSC. The Parts of Four ecosystem plans to promote interaction with the physical world through the two-way exchange of embedded technology, AR and P4 platforms.

Tom Brady launches Origins NFT series for the holidays

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady released a set of 16,000 collections on his Autograph NFT platform called “Live Forever: The Tom Brady Origins Collection”.

This series represents the memories of the beginning of his football career, including his resume, stopwatch, cleats, NFL combine harvester jerseys, etc. created before the 2000 draft.

However, the problem is that NFTs will be a mystery at the time of purchase, and until December 14th, token owners can unlock them to reveal 1 collectible out of 5 possible styles and rarity levels.

Tezos x Pantone Annual Representative Color Project

Pantone, the global color authority, chose energy-saving Tezos The blockchain publishes the color of the year in 2022 as a digital collection of NFT.

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, yes Pantone 2022 color of the yearThis year marks the first time a color has been created specifically for Pantone’s annual color designation. Polygon1993, a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, will create artworks inspired by this periwinkle hue to develop digital representations of colors.

Tezos, There are more than 50 million transactions in 2021, with an average of Carbon Footprint Only 17 people.

Other good news

French gaming giant Ubisoft Entertainment SA is facing strong opposition from the gaming community After launching the new NFT platform Ubisoft Quartz. Ubisoft’s YouTube video introducing its NFT received a 96% dislike rate.

Virtual land sales in Metaverse has always been dominated by NFT sales Since the beginning of December, the amount has exceeded 300 million U.S. dollars. Among them, nearly a quarter is used for digital land in The Sandbox metaverse, surpassing all other objects, artworks and collectibles.