New star of 2021: Holly Harris

New star of 2021: Holly Harris


Current project: Our team is in the final stages of renovation of the Galter Pavilion inpatient beds at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In the first phase, the surgical and observation beds have been put into use this summer, and the ICU beds are nearing completion.

Source of inspiration: Good people. Their enthusiasm, kindness and advocacy for changing the world are reassuring, no matter what challenges you face, hope will always exist.

The trend you are tracking: I like that medical institutions are receiving comprehensive care services and work spaces that promote teamwork. I hear more and more requests to prioritize the needs of employees and the needs of patients, and this dialogue needs to be maintained.

The best advice you received: I have two, but neither can be attributed to one person. The first: “Don’t ask for permission; ask for forgiveness later.” I like to apply this spell to the pursuit of the best things I know, but maybe I don’t have time to get support from other people. Sometimes, if we wait too long, the opportunity is gone. So act purposefully.

The second one: “Always ask questions.” I practice this every day, it helps me learn, but also challenges the status quo. I especially encourage emerging professionals to always speak freely and ask questions.

Dream project: A product that really has an impact on the longevity of the community in which it is located. If I can contribute to the planning and design of health care facilities, thereby changing my perception of seeking care, then I feel I am making a difference.

Unforgettable moments of the epidemic: Be able to work remotely and spend more time with family. I have no family in Chicago. Last year I was able to work anywhere flexibly, which gave me the opportunity to visit for a long time.

Your industry crystal ball says: We will expand the integration of design concepts from other practices (ie workplaces, hotels, and retail) into our hospitals and clinics. Architects will consult on research and strategies to integrate projects and services into healthcare facilities specific to the overall health needs of the community.

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