Link 12/10/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/10/2021 | Naked Capitalism


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Saw tiny butterfly wing scales forming inside the pupa Smithsonian

The myth of an independent central bank Financial Times

What to pay attention to in inflation data Bloomberg

This inflation runs counter to the old pattern Wall Street Journal


Millions of tons of carbon emissions that have not officially existed New Yorker. Ah, biomass.

The coffee crisis in Central America has fueled a record northward outflow Reuters

#Coronavirus disease

The vaccination pandemic is here Atlantic Organization. Then the virus came to me.

The U.S. Covid rapid test plan is seriously inadequate The new republic.Media reported Biden’s Covid “Winter Plan” test recommendations are ridiculous At a commendable speed. More like this, please.

* * *

Omicron variants: what you need to know CDC. Under “We have the tools to fight Omicron”, the CDC has-stay calm here, guys-did not mention ventilation at all, nor did it mention the fact that Covid is airborne. Because you don’t need to know these.

The government asked us not to publish records of the first failed COVID test for CDC. They are coming. buzzing.At this point, I noticed that the Biden administration’s effort was zero (0), as we said, “Keep [CDC] What everyone agrees with is a huge, actually fatal, messy thing.

* * *

Amtrak will cut services because employees declined due to refusing to shoot (2) Bloomberg

These urologists are directly documenting p*nises and COVID Popular science. “Highly vascularized organs.”


China reopens the leading financing for real estate developers Wall Street Journal

As the number of cases climbs for seven consecutive weeks, Beijing’s aggressive zero coronavirus plan is threatened Xinnet. If only Gladys is in charge!

Chinese Fuzzy Words in 2021 Language log

The pros and cons of China’s “full-course democracy”:


Omicron has entered the wedding season. Should Indians be worried? Roll in


Saudi Camel Beauty Pageant Fights Plastic Surgery BBC (Re Silc).

Israel opposes the Iran nuclear deal, but former Israeli officials increasingly say that the U.S. withdrawal was a mistake Wabo

Visit the lost CIA base in Afghanistan Spy talk


Sage consultant said that Omicron may spread faster in England than in South Africa Guardian (Rev Kev).

The UK begins recruiting real-world COVID antiviral trials Reuters

New cold war

Has a major shift finally occurred between the United States and Russia? Hunter

Biden reaffirms U.S. “firm commitment” to Ukrainian sovereignty Financial Times

Ukraine is ready to fight to the “last drop” Foreign policy. But whose blood?

Sitrep, Russian Federation December 9, 2021 Russian observer (Rev Kev).

Tell your story clearly The London Review of Books.Soviet nation

The imperialist agenda of the Organization of American States (OAS) Common dream

Biden Administration

Biden calls on leaders to end democratic “regression” Associated Press

The Supreme Court expressed its support for the public tuition of the religious school in the Maine case Portland News Herald. Hot topic: “Christian school!” Supreme Court, ten years later: “America is a Christian country.”

The National Defense Act establishes a new office to study UFOs Hill

Opinion: EPA took another bite of dicamba… Will anything change? Midwest Investigative News Center

supply chain

The House of Representatives passes a bill to expand the powers of maritime regulators Greek shipping news. Interesting details.

Our famous free media

bad news Harp player. Deck: “The story of selling false information.” The fraudster must deceive.

Commentary: 8 things American pandemic spreaders can still go wrong CIDRAP (ChiGal).


British court rejects rejection of U.S. request to extradite Assange AP and Judge Assange was the “good friend” of the minister who planned to arrest him for 40 years Decrypt UK

Chevron’s enemy Donziger released from prison under COVID exemption Reuters

Exclusive: Whistleblower Craig Murray is outspoken after being jailed for blog post Dissident

“I’m not a traitor”: Reality Winner explains why confidential documents were leaked CBS

Black injustice tipping point

Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty of five false hate crimes and lying to Chicago police National Communication Network

Police national watch

Due to the lack of police involvement, the FBI may close the police force database Wabo (Dave).

Sports table

Sports parents are terrible, the referee finally made a difference-withdrew Wabo

Empire Folding Watch

Congress will not end the war, so the states must Guard guard

Class struggle

Starbucks voted to form a union for the first time in history New York Magazine. Response (1):

Response (2):

It is great to see the leadership of the Democratic Party cheering for these brave and efficient workers. Wait a moment…..

Employees of three Somerville coffee shops join the union work group. Inspired by Starbucks?

We have already considered “consider oysters” Defector. First, Defector recently introduced LeGuin to those who have not read her.Now great MFK Fisher! touching.

Witness Baffle

Want to help animals? This is the place for donations. sound. reader? what do you think?

Today’s antidote (pass through):

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