In the past two weeks, news about Omicron variants has caused confusion in the market as prices have shifted to the prospect of further economic closure.Nevertheless, there are No broader financial crisis.

Omicron is shocking, but not entirely shocking. This is because most investment professionals have already considered in their worldview the possibility of a new destructive variant that could undermine the global recovery.

As the late US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, Omicron is a well-known unknown. We know what we don’t know. In this case, what is known is the risk of the new variant; it is not known how bad it will be or when it will appear. In most cases, this means that risk can be modeled and calculated at least to a certain extent to avoid the most severe turbulence in the market.

What is more worrying in the market is the concept of the unknown—another Rumsfeld classification. These are things we never thought would happen. “If you look at the history of our country and other free countries, the latter category is often difficult,” Rumsfeld made a famous view on the matter.

Today’s known and unknown include the continuing impact of the Covid pandemic. They also include risks that are more difficult to define, such as potential confrontations between the West and China or Russia. However, these are not possible to abandon the market like the main unknown suddenly becomes the known unknown.

So, it is strange how far the market has overlooked that one of the biggest unknowns in history is turning into a known unknown.

Of course, what we are talking about is that both Pentagon officials and Congress are beginning to take the so-called unidentified flying phenomenon (UAP) more and more colloquially called UFOs.

For the market, the important thing about these developments is that senior security officials are increasingly eager to admit that although this phenomenon is real, it cannot be explained by even the most advanced military in the world.

The slow and steady release of UAP official military footage began earlier this year, when the Navy did not keep it secret Three videos The actions taken in 2014 and 2015 seem to show a phenomenon in action.

In the video, it is also confirmed by the accompanying telemetry data that the strange object is moving in a way that violates the laws of physics and gravity.

Witnesses have also provided testimony confirming this phenomenon, such as retired naval commander David Flavor, who had previously told New York Magazine In December 2019, what he saw was “abnormal behavior and body”.

In a more marvelous spectrum, Haim Eshed, a former brigadier general and aerospace professor of Israeli military intelligence, Tell Yediot Aharonot of Israel A paper published in December 2020 stated that the governments of the United States and Israel have been in contact with alien life for many years.This is NASA’s de facto rebuttal, stating that it is Don’t know yet Alien life.

More disclosures are expected later this year, but they have not been achieved in any important way as expected.

Congress-led disclosure

The UAP hunter may have been thrown a bone this week.

This A new text The national defense bill preparing to pass Congress revealed that an office will be established to handle UAP issues. It will replace the Navy’s pre-existing UAP task force in order to centrally report such incidents throughout the military complex while establishing timely and consistent reporting procedures. The office will also focus on assessing the threat of UAP sightings to the United States. Most notably, the bill also requires regular sharing of this information with appropriate congressional committees-ending decades of blockade of reporting the subject to elected officials.

So what are the consequences for the market?

Award-winning investigative journalist and “At a glance“For many years, Ross Coulthart has been investigating what officials really know about UAP. He said that one of the biggest concerns of people familiar with the matter is that if the size of the UAP uncertainty in the military is known, the potential economic impact on the market. “Everyone is talking about the possibility of a massive collapse of the world economy if this revelation is not handled properly,” he told FT Alphaville.

This applies regardless of whether the technology is human or non-human, as both situations are highly destructive.

Coulthard said that if they are man-made, and our own military does not know about them, it means that someone somewhere has the technology to make nuclear weapons look like a child’s play. This knowledge alone has the power to shake the global balance of power and economy and the market that follows.

If technology is not human. .. This raises a more important question, that is, whether the person with the technology is hostile or friendly.

Both of these possibilities will have a significant impact on the market and humanity.

In terms of friendliness, opportunities to benefit from advanced technology and knowledge sharing, such as access to zero-gravity or “free energy” systems, are tantamount to global wealth injection. But it could also cause chaos by stranding existing fossil fuel assets even more than they are now.

On hostile fronts, the worst-case scenario is not worth considering.

Although, as the economist Paul Krugman Used to jokeIf efforts to protect humanity from the threat of alien invasion lead to rapid development of global cooperation and defense technology investment, there may be a glimmer of hope. He even joked that using his own rights to create this effect might be worth a prank.

At the very least, any serious revelation of potential enemy alien threats will place other existential threats we face in a different context.

It is worth noting that at least one Wall Street product is actively considering these risks: please pay attention to risk disclosure Procurement space ETF prospectss (H/T Ross Kursat):

Effective immediately, the following disclosure was added to the fund’s prospectus

Fund SAI under “Additional Risks” and “Investment Strategies and Risks”:
Unidentified Flight Phenomenon (“UAP”) risk

UAP, formerly known as “unidentified flying object” or “UFO”, is a flying object whose appearance or movement is different from any known aircraft used in the United States or any foreign country. Recently, the U.S. military acknowledged the existence of UAP and confirmed the authenticity of certain videos and images that claim to show UAP. In view of the fact that these observed phenomena have not been found so far, UAP may unintentionally or intentionally cause operational, data security, “network” and other interference to the operation of satellites and other space objects.

Such activities may have a material adverse effect on the Fund’s securities, thereby causing the Fund’s investment in such portfolio securities to depreciate and adversely affect the Fund’s ability to achieve its investment objectives.

The UAP portfolio risk is there.


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