Developer Samuel Dobson Announce Through a series of tweets on Thursday night, he will resign as Bitcoin core maintainer in 3 years. His reasoning was, “When I was close to my Ph.D. graduation, he could no longer devote the time needed.”

As the maintainer of the Bitcoin Core wallet, Dobson has direct access to the cryptocurrency code on GitHub and has the right to approve changes and improve the Bitcoin software. He is also responsible for ensuring the security of the agreement.

When asked if he might return to BTC Core development one day, Dobson replied to Cointelegraph that his Ph.D. is his current main focus. Although he has not yet decided what to do after graduation, he is not interested in the development of other cryptocurrencies.

Dobson stated that he is particularly grateful for the support of his “very generous sponsor” John Pfeffer. Without this support, he would not be able to prioritize his part-time job in Bitcoin.

Due to the nature of open source projects, he called on the Twitter community to consider providing financial support for developers. He also told Cointelegraph:

“Since it was conceived together with Satoshi Nakamoto, the development of Bitcoin Core has obviously grown tremendously. As an open source project, it is always in an interesting and more difficult position in terms of funding, but like Brink, Chaincode, Spiral And direct developer sponsorship through GitHub has helped a lot.”

Since October, Bitcoin has lost two maintainers. With the departure of Dobson, the number of developers who directly accessed the Bitcoin code dropped to 5. according to Go to the updated list on the Bitcoin forum.