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Wall Street finally understands that it can’t ignore cryptocurrencies and NFTs Digital currencies have been around for a while, but 2021 will be a successful year for the wider crypto world. Its “memetic” and the speed of popular culture normalization make critics feel inexplicable, while true believers think it is still too slow. As it has gained another group of high-profile supporters, it has also attracted the attention of Wall Street as a force that cannot be ignored and regulators. (Bloomberg)

Volatility is the point If it were not for the volatility, volatility and drawdown, and the pain of seeing the disappearance of the dollar on the screen, then there would be no premium return higher than the demand deposit interest rate. This is where the term “risk premium” comes from. No risk, no premium. Showing off your ignorance of this concept will let everyone know how immature, inexperienced, insightful and short-sighted you are. (Reform broker)

Legendary investment guru Peter Lynch said it was a “mistake” to switch to index funds.He was wrong Of course, Lynch is a typical active investment manager, well-known for his stock picking skills. Fidelity Magellan Funds is a mutual fund he ran from 1977 to 1990. It is a typical actively managed mutual fund. By providing Magellan investors with an annualized return of more than 29%—while the S&P 500 index’s annualized return was about 15% during the same period—Linch increased Magellan’s assets under management from US$18 million to US$14 billion, making it Become the largest mutual fund in the world. (Los Angeles Times)

5 billion bitcoins, lost in the dump: For many years, a Welshman who has discarded the key to his cyber currency stash has been working hard to dig a local landfill. (New Yorker)

As the market soars and tax changes are imminent, Elon Musk and other leaders sell stocks at historical levels Insiders such as Walton, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Google co-founder have sold $63.5 billion as of November, a 50% increase from 2020 (Wall Street Journal)

From big resignation to lying down, workers choose to quit In China, the United States, Japan, and Germany, the younger generation is rethinking the pursuit of wealth. (Work Week)

The real reason behind the global vaccine hesitation: Countries with low vaccination rates suffer more than just inequality. South Africa has a 150-day supply of vaccines. It is now facing the same problem that plagues countries around the world: many people do not want their opportunities. South Africa recently suspended the delivery of vaccines from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Pfizer (Pfizer) because its stocks exceeded its capacity. “We have a lot [of] Vaccines and capabilities, but hesitation is a challenge. “(Atlantic Organization)

QAnon, Q one year later For a movement triggered by lengthy and Byzantine clues, the last Q message released a year ago felt like an anti-climax. Q also shows no signs that the so-called senior government employee, whose three-year job value has helped build a large number of online communities claiming to be researchers around the world. The lesson of the super conspiracy theory is not limited to its direct impact. (Financial Times)

Burying Leni Riefenstahl: a woman who opposed Hitler’s favorite filmmaker for life Nina Gladitz has dedicated her life to proving the horror complicity of the director of “Triumph of the Will” with Nazism. In the end, she succeeded-but paid the price (guardian)

The computer revolutionized chess.Magnus Carlson puts people first The chess engine should make classical chess more predictable. Instead, they make the most creative players of all time more creative. In an era when computers dominate chess training, the world champion Magnus Carlson can disarm his opponent by playing chess like a human. (Wall Street Journal)

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