FirstFT: If Russia invades Ukraine, the U.S. will ask to stop Beixi 2 project

FirstFT: If Russia invades Ukraine, the U.S. will ask to stop Beixi 2 project


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U.S. pressures Germany Stop Russia’s North Stream 2 The natural gas pipeline is part of a package of sanctions that will be implemented when Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine.

Asking Berlin and Brussels to prevent the pipeline from being put into operation is part of Washington’s proposed sanctions package because it seeks to avoid the threat of Russian military action in the region.

President Joe Biden spoke with Putin for two hours yesterday, warning him that if Moscow sends troops to Ukraine, it will take “strong economic and other measures.”

The two officials stated that the threat to the Nord Stream 2, which has been built but has not yet pumped natural gas, will be included with a package of sanctions proposed by the United States, including measures to prevent the exchange of rubles into U.S. dollars and against Russian oligarchs. Financial Times.

The European Union earlier vowed to expand its punitive measures against Russia to prevent “further aggression.”

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1. Investors dismissed Eliot’s call for a spin-off of the Shanghai Stock Exchange??? Owned by one of the largest shareholders of Scottish energy group SSE Dismissed Elliott Advisors’ efforts to split it, Claiming that the ensuing interruption will be detrimental to shareholders and harm the UK’s path to net zero emissions.

2. French police arrested Saudi nationals for the murder of Khashoggi A man suspected of involvement in the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is Detained at Charles de Gaulle Airport A police official told the Financial Times that he was about to board a plane to Riyadh in Paris yesterday.

3. The UAE will shift weekends and shorten the working week The government of the United Arab Emirates is Change national weekend Synchronize with the global market from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday, and implement a four-and-a-half-day work week from January next year.

4. Economists predict that the Fed’s bond purchases will be completely “cut down” by the end of March The Fed will End its bond purchase plan According to the British “Financial Times” survey of leading academic economists, interest rates will be raised before the end of March, and US interest rates will be raised shortly thereafter.

5. Coffee hits a 10-year high The price of coffee on the futures market rose to A 10-year high, Companies and traders are eager to lock in supply as they cope with transportation bottlenecks and year-end demand growth.

Coronavirus Digest

  • A branch of Omicron variants possible Harder to distinguish Separated from other variants by routine PCR testing.

  • this BioNTech/Pfizer’s vaccine perhaps Poor effect According to a study in South Africa, it is more resistant to Omicron than earlier strains, while still providing some protection.

  • Boris Johnson has become “More and more worried“About Omicron as U.K Officials raced to formulate a new restriction plan.At the same time, the prime minister’s advisers Being videotaped Smile Downing Street Last year’s Christmas party, when Covid-19 regulations did not allow such activities.

  • Appeals from foreign embassies including the U.S. and U.K. South Korea Give foreigners “emergency recognition” Vaccination overseas.

  • View: With the advent of Omicron, now is the best time to evaluate the economic lessons of the past two years to help formulate policies. Chris Giles wrote.

Do you think England will impose new coronavirus restrictions on Omicron before the New Year? Vote in our poll.

the day before

United States Anti-Coercion Act The European Commission will approve a Draft proposal This will give it retaliatory powers to impose tariffs and quotas, restrict intellectual property protection, and even lock countries such as China and Russia out of the EU’s financial markets.

  • there are more: For the first time, gig economy companies will be forced to prove that their workforce is a self-employed contractor, not an employee Draft legislation Will be announced by the European Commission.

Interest rate determination Analysts will pay close attention to signs of upcoming interest rate hikes by the central banks of Poland, Canada and Brazil. announcement.

  • Other economic data: U.S. job vacancies and labor mobility survey may show employers are filling More than 10m opening In October. (“Financial Times”, “Wall Street Journal”)

Cricket’s Ashes Series England and Australia’s opponents will start the first of five test matches in Brisbane as part of the match Ashes series. (CNN)

This week, participate in the global board meeting with more than 100 influential leaders from all over the world and top reporters from the British “Financial Times”. They will discuss how to build a resilient and sustainable world in a crisis-changed world. , Inclusive economy and enterprise.sign up for free here.

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Five challenges facing the new German government From the Ukrainian crisis to the fourth wave of coronavirus infections, the upcoming alliance faces Flourishing pallet This will affect history’s judgment of its unprecedented alliance.Parliament will be formally elected Olaf Schultz Today he becomes the country’s next prime minister, ending Angela Merkel’s 16-year rule.

  • global vision: Russia won the new German Chancellor with his first foreign policy test, Ben Hall wrote.

Compared to when his Social Democratic Party won the election in September by a narrow margin, Schultz faces a tougher economic outlook.

Compared to when his Social Democratic Party won the election in September by a narrow margin, Schultz faces a tougher economic outlook © AFP/Getty Images

Biden’s great conception of U.S. foreign policy If you can sum up the US President Joe Biden’s Foreign policy, Two things will stand out: competition with China and the return of American values ??after Donald Trump. But will his emphasis on free values ??push the distance between authoritarian countries closer?

Italy’s dilemma because Mario Draghi became the frontrunner of the president The prospect of the former European Central Bank President resigning as Italian Prime Minister to take over the presidency is threatening Put the country back into political instability Just as the government began ambitious structural reforms and coronavirus recovery plans.

The EU has a new weapon in the stock market war In terms of stock trading, corporate bond issuance and almost all other important indicators, Europe is being left aside by the US, China and Hong Kong markets. But local start-ups provide a rare opportunity for the region to make themselves more attractive to innovative listed companies. Writes Master Brooke.

LV members questioned the sale of private equity In this week’s vote, members of one of the UK’s oldest mutually-owned life insurance companies will have the opportunity to vote on what their leaders say is the best way forward: selling the remaining life insurance business to private equity groups.But a little hard to understand How much external capital It was needed so soon.


William Dalrymple, Sophie Roberts, Pico Al, Carl Flynn and others revealed their Favorite find The year when hesitated to travel back.

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