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Peter Lynch says passive investing is all wrong “It’s a mistake to switch to being passive,” the former Fidelity Magellan fund manager said in an interview with Bloomberg Radio on Tuesday. “Our activists have beaten the market for 10, 20, 30 years, and I think they will continue to do so. (Bloomberg) You can also take a look The stock market is still active before the US$11 trillion index invaded Scholars say that the “activity” of the market has hardly changed in 20 years; investors use index funds as part of a larger portfolio (Bloomberg)

The chaos of returning to the office is the best thing a consultant has encountered since Y2K A new generation of “experts” will help desperate employers navigate these unknown waters. Unfortunately no one knows. (Work Week)

There is finally an obvious way out of the COVID pandemic Two new developments may mean that the real end is coming. (New York Magazine) But watch Covid world map: Which countries have the highest number of coronavirus vaccinations, cases and deaths? (protector)

High-income business owners use the path established by the Trump administration to evade the $10,000 tax deduction cap More than 20 states have enacted restrictions, and New York law firms and private equity firms are signing contracts. (Wall Street Journal)

This has been a pretty good year for the automotive industry-except for suppliers Auto parts suppliers are facing countless cost pressures and have largely missed the industry’s exciting pricing (Wall Street Journal) You can also take a look Some people like cars so much that they are sad to see them leave-and still miss them Some people are connected with cars in a deep and lasting way. I recently wrote an article about the melancholy after selling the 1968 Datsun sports car I owned for 25 years. I asked readers to share their own car stories, but the response I got overwhelmed me. (Washington post)

Why you should care about Facebook’s vigorous promotion of meta-universe Mark Zuckerberg is investing billions of dollars in futuristic technology that could reshape the Internet. (sound)

How Excel TikToker reflects her method of earning six figures every day Carry out traditional business in an unconventional way. (edge) You can also take a look How TikTok understands your heart It is the most successful video application in the world. Our columnist obtained an internal company document that provided new details on how the algorithm works. (New York Times)

Hertz hit the wrong car: A law professor booked a car for Thanksgiving, and then told the world about her terrible experience. The car she booked for $414.93 is gone, but another car is waiting for $1,800. A master class on the rewards of persistent self-advocacy. (Bloomberg)

Seven days: tracking Trump’s traces of the coronavirus From the day he tested positive to the time he was hospitalized, Trump contacted more than 500 people, whether it was people near him or people attending crowded events (not including people attending rallies). That 7-day window revealed that a president and chief of staff took a reckless and potentially dangerous approach to the coronavirus. (Washington post) You can also take a look All the places Trump has visited after secretly testing positive for COVID President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows revealed new details about Trump’s coronavirus deception. Several former officials have now confirmed that Trump initially tested positive for the virus on September 26, 2020. This means that Trump’s deception and his consciously endangering others started a few days earlier than previously known. (slate)

Regarding “inheritance”, Jeremy Strong is not joking: Kendall is the dark prince of the show, a quasi-tycoon who is arrogant because of bluffing. His seriousness is often ridiculous, especially when he tries to dominate his indomitable father. Strong’s casting is perfect: He has longed and often manipulated throughout his life to fill his role as the god of performance. “Kendall desperately wants his turn,” Strong said. Last year, he won an Emmy Award for this role. “I treat him as seriously as I take my own life.” (New Yorker)

Buying mini S&P corrections quickly on dips has become a market habit

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