Link 12/5/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/5/2021 | Naked Capitalism


Bees survived the volcanic ash for weeks after the eruption in the Canary Islands now

I lost $400,000 in a Robinhood bet, almost everything I have vice

Years after the $600,000 theft, the plumber found the money and inspected the walls of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Click 2 Houston

Is private equity overvalued? New York Times. Nice to see Dealbook Catch up.


Visualize the accumulation of man-made mass on the earth Visual capitalist

(Compared with biomass, Quantify here.)

Core concept: Green ammonia can produce a climate-friendly way to store energy and fertilize farms National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Alice Waters’ problems and the “slow food” movement Jacobin

#Coronavirus disease

Stroking the chin:

The race to measure the threat of Omicron: weekend reading Bloomberg

We will learn more about Omicron soon.Here is how to explain the upcoming data torrent statistics

Deciphering the Omicron competition: how many days, weeks, or months does it take? Fortunately for the Financial Times, our visionary political class has a strong non-pharmacological intervention system to protect us during the transition between mutation discovery and vaccine development. Lol, no, what am i thinking.

* * *

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine immunogenicity in immunosuppressed individuals Journal of Infectious Diseases. Abstract: “These data indicate that the current COVID-19 mRNA vaccine regimen may not provide the best protection for immune-compromised individuals.”

* * *

With the rattle of the lock LRB.

[I had the] The “mild to moderate” version of Covid. But this is not fun. I have a feeling of semi-consciousness, and my body knows that it is dealing with a new disease. I will feel good and then bad, wavy. The picture that came to my mind that week was in a room in a not-so-good hotel. Someone kept trying to open your door, locked it for a while, then gave up and left, only to come back and try again after a few hours. It feels as if Covid is returning repeatedly to try to lock. This is a feeling I have never felt about any other disease: I feel that Covid has intentions and that they are not benign.

Globally, Covid has not stopped coming back to try this door.

Horror film simile It seems appropriate.

Covid-19 and the safety net-from tension to maintenance NEJM. “In addition, the safety net system faces greater financial, labor, and technical pressures than other systems. [(!!!)], The transition to telemedicine and insufficient access to federal emergency funding are particularly sensitive to safety net providers that have historically been meager and have the fewest cash reserves. “The reader knows that I hate the safety net metaphor because it normalizes the concept of life as a tightrope walker. But I am sorry that the hospital lost some profits. Maybe there is another way forward?

* * *

What is the protective effect of masks Max Planck Society:

Three meters is not enough to ensure protection. Even at that distance, an unvaccinated person can be infected with almost 100% certainty in less than 5 minutes while standing in the breath of a Covid-19 patient. This is bad news. The good news is that if both of them wear well-fitting medical masks, or even better FFP2 masks, the risk is greatly reduced.

Supporting evidence:

Well, mixed. But still (Data passed). More about FFP2 masks.

Compliment one size fits all Boston Review

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Ministry of Education orders air purifiers and carbon dioxide monitors for schools New Zealand Herald

A runny hippo tested positive for COVID-19 at a Belgian zoo German wave


How does China’s “One Belt, One Road” link to Southeast Asia, regardless of political caution South China Morning Post. Station = real estate development.

Even on American campuses, China severely cracks down on students who dare to speak out PSAs


Must prove that the Burmese army can’t win Foreign policy. There is only one way to do this, really.

During the “flash mob” in Yangon, Myanmar officials opened fire and stormed into anti-coup protesters South China Morning Post

Southeast Asia is at risk of heading towards the future of South America (PDF) Nikkei Asian Review


Coal of India will invest more than 19,000 rupees to increase coal transportation capacity Live mint

Adani’s controversial Australian mine will be used for electricity in India NDTV

[Photos] Looking forward to India’s largest coal mining project Monga b.


China-Iran strategic partnership: 40 years in the making Diplomat (Re Silc). Re Silc: “Go with the winner.”

Bennett and Biden: The honeymoon is over Tiquinolan

The Islamic State will hold a meeting on the crisis in Afghanistan on December 19 Channel News Asia

Chinese mining group looking for opportunities in Afghanistan What is the Financial Times, not opium?


American governor can improve England Sunday Times

……Eton School’s sports field:

The entire thread is worth reading.

Europe’s energy security issues put it in a cold state War on the rock

New cold war

Now is the final countdown to peace or war Hunter

Biden Administration

Barrett’s adoption issue caused a continuous storm in the media Jonathan Terry. I can’t figure out why:

This tweet confuses “American women” with all mankind. In Cauthorne’s belief system, they are all “earth ships.” despite this.

The Fifth Circuit got the science wrong on OSHA’s vaccination mission statistics

Harris’ allies want her to take over when the staff reshuffle is imminent politics. Willie Brown tells Harris She doesn’t have to do this. But here we are.

Disagreements between Biden appointees lead the U.S. to accept Trump-era border policies CBS

supply chain

Alphaliner forecasts a record of $120B in profit for container carriers Maritime Executive

How a shortage of cream cheese affects New York bagel shops now

Our famous free media

CNN fired Chris Cuomo to investigate his efforts to help his brother New York Times. Massacre in nursing homes? Jack and the angels! Priorities….

Sports table

Big contract, big acquisition, big pressure: college football coach wins the jackpot New York Times. One of the best things that can happen to “higher education” is to separate the football team and openly become what they already are in practice: profitable entities are plundered by insiders and rely entirely on cheap labor. If they want to keep their brand, they can sign a license agreement with the school. Go, “Team”. Please.

Empire Folding Watch

The downfall of fossil fuels may also be the downfall of the United States Adam Tooze, Foreign Policy

Class struggle

Thousands of Columbia University graduates who went on strike threatened to be replaced via email Weekly newspaper. e-mail:

The classic dean’s speech.

List of people who have called on Covid:

No one is in a position of real power or authority. As we have seen.

Political economy of reaction Unpopular front

Drop by to Lewis, Vermont. Population: 0 Obscure Vermont

Winter trees as a gateway to vitality Marginal man

The animals that walked into my life-a collection of stories (Podcast) Dialogue, Australian Broadcasting System

Today’s antidote, bird (pass through):

Music episode:

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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