This is boring. At least the first half to two-thirds. This is what they didn’t tell you in the endless Hosanna about this miniseries, if you are not a big fan of the Beatles, you will find it hard to stand it.

Having said that, what we get here is the inner workings of the band. You remember the band, don’t you? Well, there is not much left other than the active rock/hard rock world, because people are hard to get along with! In addition, today you can do everything by yourself, there are so many online tools, you can even buy beats to sing, and before you had to do it from scratch, you need someone else.

What is shocking is how rough they sound at first. No studio effect, don’t mind rehearsing. We are used to the perfection of the Beatles, but this is far from the case here. The guitar is thin and the vocals are not perfect. Then… it got better.

You watched this episode and you want to know how to get along, not just the Beatles! People don’t want to compromise, or they are too eager to compromise. It’s the same today, just look at politics.

As for the music…

“Get Back” is a protest song that opposes the anti-immigration sentiment in the UK. What is shocking is that this is still a problem fifty years later, and it is the main driving force behind Brexit. But unlike Clapton (he is often mentioned, you will feel sad for George because he can’t play solo in the same way), the Beatles are on the side of immigrants. This is a characteristic of the music of the 1960s, not a mistake. It’s important to say something, unless you might be singing meaningless tunes in the morning, at least in the 70s, just like today, when you don’t want to offend a potential customer. People burned the Beatles records, but that didn’t change their direction, not at all.

They are writing songs in the recording studio. That’s how they do it! This is not to say that most people can afford this experience, at least not now, because the remaining large studios are far from cheap, and almost every performance has a small budget.

As for the creation of these songs… they didn’t write that way. Before Yoko came, John and Paul would gather together to write.

As for Yoko… it’s not so much about John as it is about her. He is insecure, and after achieving success in his outer life, he is exploring his inner life. In fact, if someone brings their significant other into this situation and they sit next to them, I will be angry. It inhibits creativity and affects the balance of power, but this is what John needs to participate in and execute.

As for George… His music is different from that of John and Paul. He is a party of one person and he has the support of short shots. It’s not that it hasn’t been explained in detail before. But when he goes out, you are still surprised. That is a flaw of the film. Before that, there must be more, some statements, more arguments, and then the film is always just a copy of real life, and the editor can change the meaning. Isn’t this what we have already said? Have you learned to watch reality shows?

They do watch TV, talk about what they see, and shows are their source of inspiration. But in the UK, there are far fewer channels and programs. Now this is a completely different world with so much visual entertainment that the chances of your band members watching the same content are basically zero.

So in fact, they play a lot more songs than the songs on the “Let It Be” album. This is a pleasure. But this also shows that after the “Let It Be” project was abandoned, “Abbey Road” was not a single creation. They are collecting past works, trying to create enough new material for the performance. And their creative styles are completely different. I like that John said he would deliver it when the time is up. Some people need this deadline to gain motivation and inspiration.

Another thing… the band needs a manager to make laws, make peace, and let all members follow the same path to their destination. It turns out that Epstein’s death in the brain is as important as it is depicted. Well, it is very important in history, there were not so many at the time.

What else?

Everyone is so young! Especially Michael Lindsay Hogg. How did he get the job?

There is also mention of the magician Alex, George Martin said not to rely on him, and then one of the band members said that Alex did not really create anything, he just found something and told them that he did it, and the invention is like that.

And Mal Evans… the way he transcribes the lyrics is funny, and his haircut is terrible. Long hair was a badge of honor at the time. To be included, you must grow your hair.

But it’s not Dick James, he is so lively, just like people in the music industry today. Optimistic false intimacy. Come in and chat. Again, publishing is not only the song at the time, but also the print, and now you are just stealing it from the Internet.

And James looks completely different. He is a businessman, not an artist.

And Glyn Johns…you are not sure what to think of him. He did show creativity at a certain point, but what kind of producer is he? In fact, he cut off the Hawks after only a few years!

This is one of the amazing things. What a short time and how tight it is. Music is vital, it is constantly changing, and the most remembered songs come from this era.

Therefore, the Beatles have been fighting for more than ten years. You look at it and you start to think that they have the right to break up. You see, you think that every band should disband so that people can grow.

So on the one hand, it’s like meeting Oz. This is the group that makes all these legendary beautiful music? But they did merge at the end of the episode, and the evolution was shocking.

Oh, when they say chords and keys…you will realize that these are not studio musicians, they can read music, but people who rehearse in the “garage” and figure out all the way. To some extent, they are still amateurs, but they are also experienced professionals.

So if you want to know how the band works and how records are recorded, this might be the best insider glimpse of the machine ever. But this is often boring. It’s more boring in real life.

It’s not that you don’t want to be there. How do people get this job?

Well, being friends is the first thing, and being in the right place at the right time, Evans is the bodyguard of the cave club.

But that was a long, long time ago. The two Beatles are dead. Ironically, the most detached person in this episode.

But the music is original, like these images, as it is happening now.

but it is not the truth.

Unless you think it’s the Beatles, you won’t get it! This may mean that you are there for the first time.

As well as pressure, Lindsay-Hogg said that the show must be bigger and better, how they owe their fans.

But if you have indeed experienced the life of the Beatles…

You still might feel that this episode is too much to sit down.

It does set the second episode, dealing with George’s departure, where there are more stories, more plots, and more like a traditional movie. but…

Watching “Get Back” will make you want to have footage of all recorded sessions. Watching Paul’s conversation with Rick Rubin on Hulu, you will learn a lot, but you don’t see the band composing songs.

But one thing is certain, this is a bygone era. Too little! The Beatles are much bigger! But watching this movie you will realize that they are just people. imperfect. Experienced and talented, but sometimes angular.

Then there is the transfer of power. Paul said that it used to be John’s band, now it is his.

There are many here. But it takes nearly three hours to get it. Even the endurance test for die-hard fans. It turns out that watching history can be a chore. But it is dangerous if you ignore it. This is the best proof. will never.


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