The Pentagon is under fire for its “unacceptable failure” against civilian casualties

The Pentagon is under fire for its “unacceptable failure” against civilian casualties



Yves came to Jonathan Glover’s classic “Humanity” (Humanity), a detailed introduction to some of the major terrorist events of the 20th century, and a chapter about the rise of indifference to civilian deaths during World War II. Although he didn’t say that, it was technology driven. Aerial bombing, especially the bombing of transportation networks and factories, is an important way to weaken the enemy’s ability to wage war. But the bomb is not very precise. This led to attacks that intimidated the public. First of all, Britain apparently accidentally bombed Berlin, which caused Hitler to retaliate with a blitzkrieg. Movement of the airstrip).

What makes the United States condemned for its arrogance towards civilian deaths is that we have greatly improved our surveillance and targeting capabilities, which means that we should be able to contain collateral damage. This is not only a moral issue, but also a practical issue. More deaths of innocents means more hostility, especially in a culture that has been grudged for generations. However, it is clear that the American leadership will not be disturbed.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin a few days later Order A new investigation into a secret air strike that killed dozens of non-combatants in Syria, and the number of deaths that were subsequently masked, 24 advocacy groups published a report on Wednesday Open the envelope Called on the Pentagon to “consider the civilian casualties caused by the United States and commit to urgent reforms.”

“We urge you… to commit to the final implementation of structural reforms to give priority to civilian protection and accountability for civilian harm.”

This letter to Austin expresses “serious concern” about the Pentagon’s “civilian injury policies and practices and their impact,” and cited the drone attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 29. Kill 10 civiliansIncluding an aid worker and seven children, and the airstrike in Baghz, Syria on March 18, 2019 Of which about 70 civilians died And “marked as a possible war crime by at least one defense lawyer.”

“These attacks, as well as the record of injuries to civilians caused by the Ministry of National Defense in the past 20 years, show that it is unacceptable to fail to protect civilians as a priority when using lethal force; to meaningfully investigate, recognize, and provide compensation when the injury occurs; and Take responsibility when wrongdoing occurs,” the signer continued.

Although it is impossible to determine the exact number of civilians killed during the 21-year period of the so-called U.S.-led war on terrorism, it is Don’t “do body counts” Or, in many cases, Full investigation Who was injured by air strikes and other attacks, the War Cost Project of the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University Say 900,000 non-combatants died.Other groups contend This number may be twice the original.

Most of these casualties occurred during the administration of former President George W. Bush. His successor, former President Barack Obama, Bombing more countries with Sharply expanded Drone attack, and after former President Donald Trump promised to kill thousands of civilians, “Bombing Shit” From Islamic State militants and their families, and Relax the rules of communication Designed to protect non-combatants.

As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan and the United States has fewer and fewer attacks in the ongoing war on terrorism, the number of civilian casualties has fallen sharply under the leadership of President Joe Biden.However, the monitoring team, including the British Air War, has Periodic reportsThe United States has launched at least non-combatant casualties in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

“For a long time, the United States has failed to fulfill its legal and moral commitments to protect civilians and its established policies,” the letter said. “This needs to change.”

“The Department of Defense’s response to the Kabul and Baghz attacks also highlights the Department’s repeated failure to adequately investigate so-called civilian injuries-including possible war crimes required by international law-and provide compensation or amendments,” it added.

“We urge you to seriously consider and consider the civilian harm in the past 20 years,” the signer asserted, “and pledge to eventually implement structural reforms, giving priority to civilian protection and accountability for civilian harm.”

The needs of these groups were raised when the PAX Civilian Protection Conference kicked off in The Hague and online. Speakers included Airwars co-founder Chris Woods and the survivors of the 2015 US-backed Dutch air strike on the Iraqi city of Hawija. Killed 70 civilians.


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