Security-centric DeFi project EverRise is now running on 3 blockchains and introduced Staking – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Security-centric DeFi project EverRise is now running on 3 blockchains and introduced Staking – Sponsored Bitcoin News


Initially launched on June 15day, 2021, Yongsheng It is a blockchain technology company that provides bridging and security solutions across multiple chains through an ecosystem of decentralized applications. With their RISE tokens, they are the first to bring repurchase into cryptocurrency. Since then, the repurchase mechanism has become the standard for countless forks in space.

Yongsheng v2.0

EverRise is working to introduce their dApp ecosystem to as many blockchains as possible to increase the adoption of all DeFi security protocols.

Keeping this in mind, EverRise recently launched version 2 of their contract on Monday, November 11:00 PM UTC time. There are several notable innovations and changes in the upgraded contract. representative famous In the update of the EverRise community, “The upgraded EverRise contract is a technical masterpiece. The Certik team is impressed by the level of innovation and engineering.”

The new RISE tokens will be provided on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon networks through PancakeSwap, UniSwap and QuickSwap, respectively. One of the three blockchains will supply and balance the initial liquidity pool.

This is the first time that tokens have been released on three chains simultaneously, marking the first time that RISE tokens will be available on Polygon. The token was previously available on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

The updated contract brings innovation and some notable changes.The most important new feature is the introduction of bet, Replacing reflection, and allowing the transaction tax to be reduced from 11% to 6%. Holders who choose to mortgage their tokens can flexibly choose between a 1-month and 12-month mortgage pool. The reward pool is provided by a new automatic repo. The upgraded automatic repurchase does not send the tokens to the destruction address, but distributes the purchased tokens to the pledge reward pool. The tokens will no longer be burned because the supply is now fixed and consolidated at a ratio of 10,000:1 to slightly less than 72 billion tokens (71,618,033,988).

Will enter more blockchains in the future

With the release of v2.0, EverRise’s decentralized application (dApps) ecosystem will be provided to developers on all three chains, bringing safety and security to project developers and investors. EverRise currently offers Always have, The smart contract locker launched in September, and Yongqiao In October, a cross-blockchain bridge that can transmit at block speed was given to developers.As EverMigrate, a way to seamlessly transition projects to upgrade contracts, it was launched on November 23road.

In addition to the upcoming new dApps, EverRise also looks forward to bringing its tokens and dApp ecosystem to more blockchains in the future. They are committed to bringing safety and security to the entire DeFi field. EverSale, EverLock, EverWallet and EverSwap are currently under planning and development, so please pay attention to more exciting content in EverRise in the future.

To learn more about this project, please visit website, read Blog Learn about all the latest developments and follow the team Twitter, telegraph, Discord, Redd, Facebook, Instagram with YouTube.

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