Link 12/3/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/3/2021 | Naked Capitalism


A baby elephant is trying to make friends with a dog Laughing squid

The other side of fanaticism Compound consultant

With the imminent taxation of U.S. mutual fund capital gains, ETFs shine Financial Times

The weak recovery of the U.S. shale patch is a problem in the post-COVID oil market Commodity background


John Kerry says the private sector can win the battle for climate change NBC Finance Channel

Liangzhu and other Neolithic cultures in the Lower Yangtze region collapsed due to climate change science. “The Liangzhu culture in the Yangtze River Delta is one of the most advanced Neolithic cultures in the world. Archaeological evidence shows that the ancient city of Liangzhu was abandoned about 4,300 years ago and the culture collapsed. Here, we combine other paleoclimatic and archaeological data Shows cave records in southeastern China, showing that the Liangzhu Culture collapsed in a short and unusually humid period between 4345±32 years and 4324±30 years ago, supporting the hypothesis that the city was abandoned during a large-scale flood And after being submerged.” Cave exploration. Yes On loam.

#Coronavirus disease

Rethinking multilateralism in the pandemic era Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Lawrence H. Summers International Monetary Fund.

In order to fill these critical gaps in global public goods, we must make collective investments on a larger scale than we were willing to do in the past. Based on the best cost estimates from the World Health Organization, McKinsey & Company and other sources, G20 HLIP estimates that the world needs at least US$15 billion in additional international investment each year for these global public products to avoid future epidemics. ”

But this is what Larry said. So, is it at least $30 billion?

The link between HIV and COVID-19 variants Foreign policy

If humans want to give the coronavirus a golden opportunity to spread, adapt and evolve in the human body, and finally assume a form of threatening everyone, rich or poor, the best way is to ignore the estimated 3.87 billion people infected with HIV, especially Approximately 10 million people remain untreated, most of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa.

* * *

Increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection associated with the emergence of Omicron variants in South Africa (Preprint) med??Rxiv. Conclusion: “Evidence at the population level suggests that the Omicron variant is related to the ability to escape immunity from previous infections. In contrast, there is no population-wide epidemiological evidence of immune escape associated with Beta or Delta variants. This finding is important to the public Health planning is of great significance, especially in countries with high immunity from previous infections such as South Africa. Whether Omicron can also evade vaccine-induced immunity and the potential impact of reducing immunity against infections on the prevention of serious illness and death remains urgent. problem.”

The further appearance and spread of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 variants worthy of attention (Omicron) is EU/EEA-first update (PDF) European Center for Disease Control and Prevention. From the executive summary: “The presence of multiple mutations in the spike protein of Omicron VOC indicates a high probability that antibodies caused by infection or vaccination have reduced neutralizing activity. Preliminary data suggests that Omicron VOC may be associated with an increased risk of reinfection in South Africa. However, in the absence of in vitro neutralization data, vaccine effectiveness data, and further data on reinfection in people exposed to different SARS-CoV, the full extent to which Omicron VOC evades or erode existing vaccines or infection-derived immunity is still uncertain. Two variants appeared in the previous pandemic wave.”

Some experts believe that Omicron variants may have evolved in animal hosts statistics

* * *

COVID-19 vaccination coverage rates for the homeless-six U.S. jurisdictions, December 2020 to August 2021 The CDC’s weekly report on morbidity and mortality. It is only a matter of time before we evolve our own variants.

Myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination: A guide for healthcare professionals British Health and Safety Agency. “[T]The long-term consequences of this disease secondary to vaccination are unclear. “

New research supports UK’s “mix and match” booster jab strategy Financial Times

Lyophilized, heat-stable Spike or RBD immunogenic liposomes induce protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 in mice science. “Freeze-dried“Vaccine (hairy mouse).

* * *

Analysis of Covid-19 Airborne Excessive Dispersion (Preprint) med??Rxiv. Since September, it is still closely related. Conclusion: “The overspreading of super-spreading events is the main driving force of the Covid-19 pandemic. Understanding the factors that lead to the overspreading of individual infectivity is also considered a long-standing scientific problem. The aerosol hybrid model and real-world input Combining: voice and breathing exhaled aerosol size distribution, measured viral load distribution, check-in information from SafeGraph’s full-service restaurants in major U.S. cities, and true ventilation rate distribution. We explored the secondary effects of each infected person The number of infections. The simulation results show that the aerosol transmission route is consistent with the infectivity of over-dispersed individuals. Viral load variability is the main factor controlling secondary morbidity, ventilation rate, exposure time, and speaking time.” Overspread (Hidden by the average) is a statistical effect caused by the epidemiological reality of super spreaders.

Heterologous infection and vaccination shape immunity against SARS-CoV-2 variants science. From the conclusion: “[T]He concluded from this cohort that people infected in waves of different variants have different immune memories, which has an impact on the differential protection against future VOCs. ”Lag?

South Africa plans to conduct mass vaccination before the December holiday-including cash rewards Business technology


Citi applies for a Chinese securities license Wall Street Journal

The Impact of the Sino-US Tariff War on China’s Economy: New Evidence from Luminous Lights Voice of Europe

As Beijing walks a tightrope, China’s property tax keeps homeowners awake at night South China Morning Post

More than two years after China issued order to bring Boeing 737 Max back to the sky NBC Finance Channel. Olive branch?

Laos opens China Railway Bangkok Post (Furry Mouse).


The UN committee decided to temporarily not allow the Taliban and the Burmese military government to enter the UN Reuters.Myanmar’s current civilian UN ambassador Stay.

Myanmar company related to regime leader bid to acquire Telenor The Irrawaddy. at the same time:

Documents show that the Myanmar military government cancelled the passports of well-known opponents and shadow government figures Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The “fragile” Myanmar climate danger has increased after the military coup Al Jazeera


The crew of the RNLI lifeboat in Hastings was “prevented from going to sea” because people were angry at them for rescuing refugees Hastings and St Leonard Observer

HSBC President warns that post-Brexit fragmentation may increase costs Financial Times

New cold war

Putin proposes to start negotiations on a security agreement not to expand NATO to the east Information Network

Russia threatens GPS satellites Global Positioning System

NATO chairman says Russia “has no right” to establish spheres of influence Euractiv. Because Eastern Europe is Lake America?

Gate of Russia

Gate of Russia obituary Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News

Biden Administration

The Supreme Court says it can eliminate the core elements of Rowe v. Wade 19th. Fetal vitality. For comparison, This is European law On this topic.

The justices are launching a public battle over the legality of the Supreme Court. buzzing. IMNSHO, the Supreme Court has been illegal since then Bush v. Up In the 2000 election, when Justice Scalia chose Bush, I think that the type of justice Bush most likely nominates will be consistent with his jurisprudence, especially in terms of forward-looking. we are coming!

* * *

The new U.S. COVID-19 international travel test rules take effect on Monday Reuters

Biden outlines the focus of COVID-19 in winter is vaccination and testing Infectious Disease Research and Policy Center

Biden asks companies to continue their vaccine missions after the omicron variant arrives in the U.S. NBC Finance Channel.administrative Flip; flip flops; Now flip again. Please note that if OSHA’s emergency interim standard (“vaccination or test” requirement) takes effect, employers will determine the vaccination status of their employees on the December 5 deadline, which is the right time for Just started business better. It’s weird to think of “task” as a form of jawbone, but (again) we are here.

Buried in Biden’s infrastructure bill is your car’s mandatory rear door termination switch Thermal hardware (PR).

supply chain

Top 10 container shipping companies with a profit of USD 115-120 billion in 2021: Alphaliner Greece shipping news

case Joffrey Epstein

Rules of the Epstein House: “Blind” and “Say Nothing” Bloomberg


Three stories further explain why the U.S. government was not credible in the Assange case Dissident

The United States seeks to prevent Spain from investigating the CIA’s actions against Assange because the British ruling on the extradition appeal is “imminent” WSWS

Our famous free media

Twitter is only a matter of time:

(List of ASPI sponsors). The timing did make me wonder if @jack was turned away.

Those cute cats online? They help spread misinformation. New York Times. cat?Wait until the New York Times finds out children.

College Lin

Another “Sokal” scam?The latest imitation puts the integrity of academic journals into question Chronicles of Higher Education (TF).

Playing a nonsense game: How empty and misleading communication can take over an organization Organizational theory. Starting in 2020, it is still closely related. Excerpted from the abstract: “Why is nonsense so common in some organizations? Existing explanations mainly focus on the characteristics of nonsense, the nature of the audience, and the social structural factors that encourage nonsense. In this article, I provide another explanation: Nonsense is a social practice in which members of an organization participate in order to become part of the speaking community, complete work in that community and strengthen their identity. When nonsense is effective, it can gradually expand from a small group to take over the entire organization and industry When nonsense is counterproductive, previous sacred concepts may be seen as empty and misleading statements.”

Give me slacking cory Doctorow, medium. “My parents’ concerns, approximately. 2021.” This is very good.

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