Empire NFT Marketplace now supports Ethereum; plans to expand to Solana and major exchange listings – Press Release Bitcoin News

Empire NFT Marketplace now supports Ethereum; plans to expand to Solana and major exchange listings – Press Release Bitcoin News


Press release. Abu Dhabi, UAE-Empire NFT Market, Empire Token’s flagship utility, is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. The Ethereum blockchain is a global computing platform and operating system that can be used to create decentralized services and applications. Fortunately, the bright future of this blockchain now has an empire. NFT creators and traders can now use Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens to mint and trade NFTs on the Empire NFT market. Projects supported by Ethereum may include smart contracts, voting systems, decentralized exchanges, and so on. Building a bridge to the Ethereum blockchain will be the cornerstone for exciting applications to enter the empire ecosystem.

Empire NFT Marketplace’s expansion to Solana is also coming soon. Solana is a company that provides enterprise-level blockchain solutions to meet the growing needs of enterprises. Solana is a high-performance blockchain designed for modern workloads. It has all the functions of Bitcoin, but its application system can do more. Solana has the scalability of Ethereum, the privacy and quantum resistance of Zcash. Empire will take full advantage of Solana’s scalability in all its upcoming projects and ensure that it provides modern tools for the Empire ecosystem.

Empire Token has also signed a contract with the top exchanges to be announced soon.What they can share now is that according to Coinmarketcap’s data, the exchange has now become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume?com, listed it as the top 10 global cryptocurrency trading volume. In the next two months, as the project continues to expand in the global encryption field, Empire will be listed on other top 10 exchanges.

In addition to major exchange listing news, Empire also plans to launch Goosebumps, Empire’s own decentralized exchange and portfolio tracking platform. In addition to typical portfolio functions, Goosebumps will also have unique features, including multi-chart layout trading views, multiple wallet tracking, and an alert system for major price changes. DEX will also have a launchpad function, users can easily invest or launch their own ICO through Empire. For investors, this means a quick way to enter the booming cryptocurrency market. For entrepreneurs, this means a simplified way to raise funds for projects without having to go through a tedious process. The launch pad will be the key to raising funds for the project. Goosebumps can also help companies manage their digital assets and tokens in a simpler way, while protecting them from fraud and scams.

With the help of the Empire payment system, all these interesting new projects in the Empire ecosystem will be made available to new and experienced users significantly faster. Empire Payment System is a payment system currently under development, which can realize instant conversion from FIAT to cryptocurrency and vice versa. This will make the process of transferring from one currency to another more efficient and easier. This system will solve many of the problems that people encounter in the current payment systems available on the market. It will also provide a safer way to transfer money for people who do not want their information to be transmitted over the Internet.

About Empire Coin

As a super token, Empire token is a decentralized token on the Binance Smart Chain, which extends utility from DeFi applications to real-world operations. As the real world gradually adapts to cryptocurrencies, Empire’s goal is to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the real world. Empire aims to achieve this goal by integrating powerful use cases into tokens, which will not only bring value to the entire DeFi and blockchain ecosystem, but also bring value to the real world through innovation, utilities and modern tools .

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