Biden, allies are increasingly fighting back against the Republican virus barb

Biden, allies are increasingly fighting back against the Republican virus barb


President Joe Biden watched a group of government scientists and formulated his latest plan to fight COVID-19 as an opportunity to finally end disagreements on the virus, calling the politicization of the issue a “sad and pathetic comment.”

Then he conducted a political excavation.

He said on Thursday that some people from the “other team” threatened to block government spending and jeopardized the country’s credibility out of dissatisfaction with the vaccination requirements.

“Go and see,” he added.

In Biden’s speech, this is a quick narration, otherwise the main bipartisan tone will be produced. But it provides new evidence that after months of persistence, Biden and his allies are increasingly willing to fight back, viewing the Republican Party as a real obstacle to America’s recovery from the pandemic.

For a long time, the Democratic president’s efforts to fight the coronavirus have attracted a series of fierce statements, legal challenges, and more than a few barbs from his predecessor. But Biden was elected because he promised to depoliticize the virus response and follow science, so the physical response was not regarded as an option in the early days.

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Aides to Biden a few months before he took office urged him to ignore Republican criticism, believing that the response would further inject political color into the vaccination campaign and undermine his all-out efforts to get Americans to roll up their sleeves.

But now, with the emergence of new omicron variants and some Republican lawmakers threatening to shut down the government’s requirements for vaccines, as the public’s patience gradually weakens, the White House and its allies are seizing what they consider to be political openness.

Eric Schultz, a Democratic communications strategist working at the Obama White House, said: “It is clear that the Republicans have decided that President Biden’s fate is related to the new crown virus.” “The Republicans chose to stand on the side of the virus. “

Now that most Americans are vaccinated, the White House is not too worried that it will discourage people from such political talk. Biden’s aides now doubt whether some stubborn adherents — more than 40 million adults — will be vaccinated for any reason, rather than their employers requesting vaccinations, thereby minimizing the risk of rebound.

Biden did hype in August because some Republican governors began to prevent schools from wearing masks.

He said: “If you are not going to fight COVID-19, then at least don’t let others who are trying get in the way.” “You know, when governors try to stop and intimidate educators who protect our children, we don’t Will stand by.”

Recently, Biden’s aides have become more willing to publicly condemn Republican lawmakers who they believe are hindering him from controlling the pandemic.

“These supporters of the former president are advocating for the closure of the federal government so that 20% of the public who refuse to be vaccinated or tested can freely infect their colleagues, our children, and fill hospitals-that’s what they are advocating for,” the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at this week’s briefing. “They want to shut down the government to encourage people to stick to this in society. So, I think we should not lose this.”

Privately, White House officials are more direct, accusing Republicans of policies that will prolong the epidemic, close schools, and cause more lives.

For their part, some Republican lawmakers oppose vaccine authorization because they want voters to be forced to choose between being vaccinated and working, even though Biden’s order provides a testing option for most private sector employees. Legislators are seeking legislation to prevent institutions from accepting funds to perform their tasks.

“In recent days, I have heard from hundreds of Utahans that they are worried about losing their jobs-losing jobs is not only common, not just abstract, but especially due to these tasks,” Senator Mike Lee said- Utah.

Democrats described vaccine regulations as the key to protecting Americans’ health during the pandemic, and the Republican Party’s efforts as “anti-vaccine.”

“How do they explain to the public that they shut down the government because they don’t want people to be vaccinated?” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday when the fate of the government spending bill is uncertain. “Why don’t you ask them? This is stupid.”

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned that if Republicans block the appropriations bill, “this will be a Republican shutdown of the vaccine.”

The Senate approved a temporary spending bill late on Thursday to avoid a short-term shutdown after leaders calmed the deadlock over vaccine authorizations.

Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has long been a highlight of his public approval ratings, but with delta variants rampant and the number of cases and deaths increasing, it has fallen in recent months. More than 780,000 Americans have now died of COVID-19.

An AP-NORC poll in October found that 54% of Americans said they support Biden’s work in the pandemic, which is higher than his overall approval rate and much higher than his approval rate for handling the economy. These are 48% and 41%.

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Nevertheless, just in the most recent July, before the delta variant occurred, 66% of people approved Biden on COVID-19, and 59% approved his overall work performance.

The White House seems to increasingly want to recapture the commanding heights of COVID.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates issued a Chamber of Commerce statement on Twitter on Thursday, supporting the president’s argument that “no business should be closed this winter because of COVID-19.”

Bates wrote on Twitter: “Republicans are facing tough times: like us, companies are opposed to this epidemic, and they don’t want it to kill more Americans and jobs.”

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