According to reports, crypto lending company Celsius was affected by the BadgerDAO exploit

According to reports, crypto lending company Celsius was affected by the BadgerDAO exploit


According to reports, the cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius lost more than $50 million in the use of the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol BadgerDAO.

As Cointelegraph reported on Thursday, this attack targeted a protocol on the Ethereum network. Received an unproven $120 million In terms of assets.

According to a Redditor, the biggest victim of a hacker attack is said to be an address Lost 896 packages of Bitcoin (51 million U.S. dollars). The address should be owned by Celsius, “because it has interacted with other addresses known to be owned by them.”

The address regularly trades with an address already The balance of 67 million U.S. dollars, of which 40 million U.S. dollars is Celsius’ native token of the same name, CEL.

The address is also allegedly owned by Celsius related To at least one address marked Celsius Network Wallet 5 on Etherscan because they share Several major transactions.

“All of this means that the address that lost 900 BTC is likely to belong to Celsius. Celsius has not confirmed anything, so now this is just a guess, so we are not sure whether Celsius is affected,” the user suggested.

Celsius did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.

The first report of the BadgerDAO security breach surfaced in early December, and the agreement came into effect Announce It received multiple exports of unauthorized withdrawal of user funds on Wednesday.Badgers continue Investigate the problem and suspend all smart contracts on the agreement to avoid any further losses.

The Celsius token experienced a significant decline in late November.Rear arrive On November 25, at $4.5, CEL fell to a low of $3.9 the next day, and then rebounded slightly. At the time of writing, CEL is trading at $4.00, which has fallen by approximately 9% in the past 7 days, but has increased by approximately 1% in the past 14 days.

14-day CEL token price. Source: CoinGecko

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Celsius Network is a major crypto lending platform that allows users to earn interest by holding digital assets such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin). The company has become one of the largest players in DeFi, Valuation between 3.5 billion U.S. dollars After expanding its US$400 million Series B financing from October to US$750 million at the end of November.