812-line supercharger Beverly in 1937

812-line supercharger Beverly in 1937


this Power cord 812 super charging It was one of the classic cars that I fell in love with for the first time.Convertible (see this with this) Is equally beautiful.

But these cars are not just beautiful; they are the pacesetters in technology and design: the first front-wheel-drive American car used horn rings (rather than buttons), holes in the hub caps to cool the brakes; they used enclosed large Lights (turned manually on the dashboard) for better aerodynamics; hide the fuel tank cap under the door; use hidden door hinges on those suicide doors.

When they are new, their price is similar to Cadillac, at $3,095. But only 3,000 Cords were sold; today, only 2,000 are left, most of which are in the hands of collectors.

If I had the time and space to buy another vintage car, I would love this beautiful one-the bid was $69,000, but RNM…

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