RedFOX Labs uses AIKON’s cross-blockchain ID solution to create a gaming ecosystem »CryptoNinjas

RedFOX Labs uses AIKON’s cross-blockchain ID solution to create a gaming ecosystem »CryptoNinjas


Akcome, a Cross-chain platform Established on the ORE network of user accounts, announced its newest partner RedFOX Labs, Meta Festival provider Focus on the retail, media, gaming and reward experience.

Now, AIKON’s ORE ID will become RedFOX Labs’ single sign-on tool for universal user accounts on the entire RFOX ecosystem (including RFOX Games) under the brand name RFOX ID.

ORE ID is built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) network, allowing companies (including AllianceBlock, Republic, and Algorand Foundation) and consumers to manage their keys across any blockchain through a simple login experience.

“Our mission is to accelerate the large-scale adoption of blockchain. RedFOX Labs and its entire ecosystem are the latest milestones in achieving this goal. Their use of ORE ID has pushed AIKON directly into the game industry, and we have a future for users. Excited.”
– AIKON CEO and co-founder, Mark Blind

KOG: Grand Slam!

AIKON’s ORE ID solution is being implemented for the public beta RFOX Games KOG: SLAM! – A free game to earn games, introducing non-fungible tokens (NFT) to users. KOG: SLAM! Take advantage of a popular NFT collection called Keys to Other Games (KOG), and focus on inclusiveness by giving people hardest hit by economic challenges a chance to make money on their phones.

During the closed beta release in September, RedFOX Labs CEO and co-founder Ben Fairbank explained: “When you consider the revenue model of free games, this game is very likely to cover hundreds of people in Southeast Asia and other regions. 10,000 users. Those most affected by COVID are welcome with open arms, and many have lost their jobs.”

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