President Joe Biden announced that as part of the expanded pandemic response strategy announced on Thursday, private health insurance plans will soon begin to cover COVID-19 testing at home.

According to the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Treasury will issue a policy by January 15 clarifying that people can be tested for over-the-counter COVID-19 from their health plans during the coronavirus public health emergency Seek reimbursement Fact SheetA White House spokesperson could not clarify whether the information was provided as a regulation or an informal guide.

A senior government official said in a media conference call on Wednesday that the Biden administration must resolve issues such as how many tests will be conducted and at what frequency. The official said that the tests that have been purchased will not be covered retrospectively.

The directive does not cover people who have public insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. But the government also plans to distribute 50 million home test products for free to community health centers and rural clinics to cover these groups, which is twice its earlier promise.

The COVID-19 relief law enacted last year requires Free test Government officials said that for COVID-19 no cost-sharing, the government has decided to extend this policy to home testing. Private insurance has been detected Baoxiangongsi carried out in doctors’ offices, pharmacies and clinics, but may be limited to health-related reasons, and will not pay the cost of testing for the planned trip or a person must be tested as a condition of employment.

AHIP spokesperson David Allen said in a statement that insurance companies will continue to take action to ensure affordable access to testing, vaccines and care throughout the pandemic. AHIP will work with the government to understand the impact of the announcement on consumers, including ensuring Drive up prices It will not spread to home testing, and clear rules and guidelines have been issued.

Biden made public his New strategy The day after scientists found the first patient infected with COVID-19 in the U.S. Omi Kron Variants. His latest pandemic mitigation plan outlines strategies to increase COVID-19 vaccine intake in children and booster doses for adults.

Biden also called on companies to continue to implement vaccine or regular testing requirements. However, these efforts have encountered legal obstacles.A federal court has stay The government’s vaccination requirements for large employers and other employers Blocked Vaccine regulations for health care companies.


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