Northwell Health signs agreement to launch patient medical information platform

Northwell Health signs agreement to launch patient medical information platform


New York Supplier Northwell Health And software technology company Playback Health is collaborating to develop a participation platform to help patients better retain their healthcare data.

The two companies announced on Tuesday that the multi-year agreement will roll out Playback’s technology at selected Northwell Health clinical sites, making it easier for patients to contact providers and understand their diagnosis.

Richard Mulry, President and CEO of Northwell Holdings and Ventures, Northwell’s startup, Northwell Holdings and Ventures, stated that Northwell’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Glen Cove Hospital, and other parts of the system began in 2019 with doctors on a pilot program to ensure that the platform will improve patients Quality of experience and care. Arm, in the press release.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to develop and launch this innovative and scalable technology that will elevate doctor-patient communication to a new level,” Muri said.

Because patients may find it difficult to process and remember key facts about diagnoses, care plans, or other important information provided during medical visits, Playback Health’s platform allows individuals to view all this information in the future.

Using Playback’s technology and the information in the patient’s medical record, clinicians can use audio, video, photos, and text to record personalized care instructions and convey what patients need to know about their diagnosis and care plan.

While following health information security standards, the platform aims to realize the movement and sharing of point-of-care data from hospital electronic medical records, patient portals and third-party medical equipment.

Northwell Health First invest In 2018, it was used as a patient-centric solution on the Playback Health platform to improve clinical results.

A health system spokesperson said in a statement that to date, more than 700 clinicians and 10,000 patients have used Playback’s technology through Northwell Health. This includes physical and occupational therapists and healthcare professionals in radiology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and emergency departments.

Gregory Odland, CEO and co-founder of Playback Health, said at a press conference: “Playback digitally connects providers, patients, and families with points of care so that everyone can directly hear what the doctor says.” All the information is there, you can replay it as many times as you want.”

The plan also offers video calls as an option for clinicians to contact patients directly and to connect with others in the care team. These interactions will be recorded and then provided to patients and their care team for virtual viewing.

Northwell Health serves more than 2 million patients in New York each year and has 16,600 affiliated doctors in 22 hospitals and 830 outpatient facilities.

Northwell Health plans to extend Playback Health’s platform to 25 departments of its health system by the end of 2021.

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