How will the left treat illegal elections?

How will the left treat illegal elections?


Yves came to Tom Neuburger to criticize the Democratic team’s stance because they questioned Trump and his allies about the turmoil in the U.S. election… When the U.S. electoral system was poor and the election was stolen, from Kennedy Defeating Nixon and Gore failed to start a valid game in 2000. That was before we started all kinds of pranks, the Democrats tended to play a more role in the primary than in the general election, such as moving polling stations in low-income communities a week before the game and telling California voters that they were there when they did not move. Register in another area, or when they haven’t moved, they ask to mail the ballot, the ballot to Brooklyn disappears, to the shit show in the Iowa voting app.

Neuburger is correct, focusing on Zephry Teachout as the leader in running for the New York Attorney General. Teaching is a real deal, a progress without prisoners. In the days when Cuomo looked impeccable, she won 34% of the vote based on $250,000 (due to Cuomo’s media blitz, it increased to approximately $600,000 in the late game). The Washington Post reported that Cuomo’s votes were 40 times that of Teachout. Matt Stoller said that Teachout showed how New York resented Cuomo, which killed him in the 2016 presidential race.

Author: Thomas Newberg.Originally published on Spy of god

There are so many things to write these days, it is difficult to choose the focus.For example, Absolutely fail The United Nations Climate Conference and its aftermath. Consider the following short conversation:

Did they really not read this Future ministry? The rich who rule us really don’t know where this is going? It is this small group of people who hinder billions of souls who want the opposite of what they get, and they want a planet where they can continue to live. A very small number.

I am a peaceful person and I have been like this since I was born, but I cannot say that to the rest of the revolution.

The charm of the third time?

and this Welcome message From Zephyr Teaching:

Zephyr Teachout campaigns for New York Stock Company

Law professor Zephyr Teachout launched a campaign for the New York Attorney General on Monday, hoping to win the position after losing the game with the outgoing Attorney General Letitia James (D) in 2018. …On her Campaign website, Teachout said, “New Yorkers deserve an attorney general who will defend climate justice, eradicate corruption and corporate abuse, stand with workers and defend civil rights.”

She will become the worst nightmare of our corrupt billionaire, a New York stock company that cannot be bought, and a mistress who is eager for the active supervision of Wall Street. She will also become the best new friend of climate activists. She performed well in the last two elections for public office in New York. This is a must-win game.

Which means this is one of them The high-leverage race that the National Democratic Party must fall behind -Even the corrupt former and current public officials of the National Democratic Party (looking at you, Mr. Schumer) tried to knock her down with every donor in their pockets.

Bottom line: whatever you think you will get from President Bernie Sanders as an existential threat to the rich, you will From New York State Attorney General Zephyr Teachout. She is a sword that will not be put down for “comity”.

Do you want revolution? Your chance has come to push her across the boundaries, and then observe and learn how progressives use their power.

“If it is stolen in 2024, will you storm the Capitol?”

But the star of thinking today is Recent question Thom Hartmann asked in an excellent article on how the issues facing Democrats, voters, and public officials accurately reflect the issues that Trump supporters in 2024 believe they will face in 2020: If you think the election is illegal, what would you do? This is a good read and I recommend it.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party, both its voters and its public officials, have taken this path before—remember the electoral coup in 2000? -Both wings of the constituency were kicked. Al Gore and his colleagues mocked the issue in the Senate (watch the video below) and confirmed the stolen Florida voters from SCOTUS. The Democratic Party’s voting base played football on the street because there was no complete and thorough resistance.

If the same beast reappears, will these groups bet again? (If you guess my answer is yes, then you guessed it right.)

Hartman asked bluntly, “If the 2024 election is stolen, will you storm the Capitol?“And it seems to explain why we should do this before urging us to avoid this problem:

The best way to stop this nightmare before it happens is for the elected Democrats and the national media not only to scream Trump’s lies, but also to call on the media to keep him alive. …Otherwise, we are likely to face the terrible problem faced by true believers of Trump last year: what should we do?

I understand the desire of most people to avoid a real revolution.even though Declaration of Independence Notice this:

Indeed, prudence will require that the long-term government should not be changed for rash and short-term reasons; therefore, all experience shows that humans are more inclined to suffer and that evil is tolerable, not by abolishing the forms they are accustomed to. Correct yourself. However, when a series of abuse and usurpation always pursue the same goal, showing that they have the intention to place them under absolute dictatorship, they have the right and responsibility to overthrow such governments and provide new solutions for their future security. The guards.

But please consider the reasonableness of the following situations (emphasis is mine):

It is 2024, and President Biden and President Donald Trump have just faced off in the election. Biden won the general election with an advantage of more than 10 million, but due to the strange technicality of the constitution, the electoral college vote is pending.

Just like in the 1876 election, several swing states in political turmoil submitted lists of electors for the duel. One (based on universal suffrage) supported Biden, and the other (reflecting the will of the state assembly) supported Trump. . And, just like in 1876, when you exclude “controversial states,” neither candidate can get the 50% plus 1 electoral vote needed to win the White House (now 270).

According to the 12th amendment, as John Eastman points out In his 2020 memo to Trump (and attached Jenna Ellis with Mark Meadows), This throws the election to the House of Representatives, each state has only one vote, and the vote is decided by the legislature of each state. Thirty states are controlled by the Republican Party They voted for Trump with 30 votes, and Biden got the remaining 20 votes: the House of Representatives announced that the election would be given to Trump.

Democrats immediately filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court, but for the second time in history, the court granted the presidency to Republicans who lost universal suffrage in a disputed Electoral College vote.

Republicans in Congress and the courts stated that Trump will be sworn in as president a few weeks after the vote on January 6, 2024.

But President Biden held a press conference to tell the nation that the state that submitted the double ballot had corrupt intentions just to allow this to happen. …People across the country began to flood the streets. Fierce fighting broke out between Trump and Biden’s supporters, the city was set on fire and hundreds of people were killed by shooting.

What do you do?

He shut up, “Winter is here.” Indeed.

Are Americans still revolutionary people?

Hartman raised a key question. In my opinion, Democrats-voters and public officials-should actually “rush into the Capitol” in 2000. What was happening at the time was obvious. Obviously, if it does not stop then, it will happen again. As bad as Mr. DLC (Gore, If you forget) It may be for the country. He used the free market to solve the country’s problems. Cheney and his puppets are even worse. Thanks to Dick Cheney, today, twenty years after that election, the Middle East is in flames, and millions of people have lost their lives as a result of his rule.

That government oversaw the single worst war crime since World War II. It should be stopped, killed on or before birth, but not.

What if we face the beast of the stolen office again? Republican election theft is an annual constant, like daffodils. Can we expect “our” Democrats to do the opposite? If “our” Democrats and their complaint media do not lead the uprising, who in the country will follow?

In case you forget, obedience is not rebellion. this Not an uprising:

In fact, it is just the opposite.

I have more to say on this topic. This is an interesting question. On the surface it is complicated, but it is actually very simple. The real dilemma of the Democrats precisely reflects the artificial dilemma of the Republicans-what do you do when you believe (or, in the case of the Republican Party, “believe”) your government is illegal? Should Democrats act like Republicans and follow their leadership but have more reasons?

Hartman is right to avoid this problem. Because if we do it, it will be revolutionary, no matter what position the Democratic Party and “their” parties take. Whether it is ruled by right-wing radicals or street wars, the result will change the country forever.

You say you want a revolution? Watch the 2024 election. We may only get one.

Note for music lovers: If you don’t remember it, listen Above recording All the way through. Stewart started with a mild version of the Rolling Stone classic, then ended with deathly silence (3:13), followed by an all-rock hard drive stone arrangement. A brilliant and exciting transition. enjoy.

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