Gaimin? io developed a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralized data processing network – sponsored Bitcoin News

Gaimin? io developed a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralized data processing network – sponsored Bitcoin News


British and Swiss gaming and blockchain companies, Gaimin Ltd developed a PC-based platform to create a global decentralized data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance. The GAIMIN platform utilizes the underutilized processing power provided by high-performance GPUs and rewards users for participating in GAIMIN data with its own cryptocurrency GMRX.

Why do you need the GAIMIN platform?

The digital revolution has created a large number of new industries, each of which has its own growing data processing needs. The power of blockchain computing is an example. In the cryptocurrency industry, this is often referred to as mining. As more and more daily blockchain calculations require more and more difficult calculations and calculations to verify and close transactions, the demand for processing power and computing power continues to increase.

Other industries, such as video and CGI?? rendering, scientific computing simulation, artificial intelligence-intensive applications, and life science analysis, have an increasing demand for processing power. These industries obtain, process, analyze, and output data from multiple sources and require timely and accurate data processing.

Emerging needs for data processing

The global reliance on the digital ecosystem requires the adoption of technologies that provide cost-effective, timely and reliable transaction processing. The process must be safe and transparent to ensure the integrity of the transaction. Large-scale data processing must deploy solutions that verify transaction integrity and security, while providing visibility elements to verify transparency, while maintaining the confidentiality of transaction initiators and recipients.

Problems with centralized data processing centers

Large-scale centralized data processing centers are a solution, but they are not without risks and problems-they affect the local environment and ecology, their physical footprint is limited, and they face the risks of terrorism and natural disasters, operational energy consumption, and cooling A large amount of ventilation affects the local energy capacity and usually consumes a lot of fossil fuels.

More importantly, centralized data centers are not ideal for some emerging industries and technical applications. Complex new technologies, such as the power of blockchain computing, require different solutions-a distributed network of global processing power.

Benefits of decentralized data processing

Technical solutions can be used to provide safe and transparent services to the industry, but the biggest obstacle is access to processing power. A centralized data processing center is a solution, but it is not without risks and problems; a decentralized data processing solution reduces the problems and risks associated with centralized operations.

A company that has a solution with decentralized processing capabilities, takes advantage of underutilized processing equipment in global availability, and creates scalable solutions as demand grows and falls while providing incentives to all stakeholders will benefit from this global problem Very shallow.

The GAIMIN Solution

GAIMIN has determined the source of available processing power, which can be used in a supercomputer-level data processing network to provide the capabilities needed to process large amounts of data.

The source of this untapped processing power exists in PC-based gaming computers. The gaming industry is the largest and constantly evolving entertainment industry on the planet today. By 2024, there will be 3.3 billion gamers worldwide, 20% of which will be PC-based gamers, so 600 million gamers worldwide will have high-performance PCs. Gamers are eager for the ultimate gaming experience and use the highest performance components (more specifically, CPU and GPU) to build their gaming devices, but these devices are only used 20% of the time each day and are usually kept on but not used game.

GAIMIN has developed a platform to take advantage of this processing power and reward individuals who allow their devices to participate in the GAIMIN data processing network, thereby generating passive monetization for participants and generating income for GAIMIN. This solves one of the biggest problems for gamers-how do they fund their gaming experience from the perspective of hardware and gaming experience.

GAIMIN PC-based application

The PC-based GAIMIN application is completely free to download and run. No credit card is required. Gamers receive passive rewards based on the performance of their device and the number of hours connected to the GAIMIN network. Usually, this is equivalent to 30 to 100 US dollars per month.

Gamers are the ideal crowd for many reasons:

  • Game players have very powerful and valuable computing resources, but these resources are usually idle. The GAIMIN platform allows these resources to be automatically and passively monetized when they are not being used.
  • Gamers have invested a lot of money in GPUs that power expensive gaming computers, but these GPUs are only used for an average of 4 hours a day, but they are still turned on and connected to the Internet. Using the GAIMIN application, PC and its devices can passively participate GAIMIN handles the power supply network.
  • Gamers can use their contact information through chat, social media and game “channels” via the GAIMIN “Network expansion plan“Recommend the system and get a continuous 10% hash power contribution from anyone they recommend as a reward. By recommending only 10 additional players, this effectively doubles the user’s hash contribution, thus doubling their reward.
  • Game players do not need continuous effort or knowledge. Game players only need to download and install the GAIMIN platform and tell some friends! No knowledge is required.this GAIMIN AI Engine Handling all aspects of monetization.
  • GAIMIN software does not overclock Or use any other such practices, which may result in further degradation of the performance of the user’s gaming PC compared to playing any of the most popular online games.

GAIMIN Data Processing Network

The GAIMIN platform creates the best network to support the most profitable data processing calculations, identifies available processing equipment, uses them to create a global data processing network with “supercomputer” processing capabilities, and selects the most profitable processing through artificial intelligence Ability to use.

Extensible monetization capabilities are a key component of the GAIMIN platform. The platform is currently profiting by supporting blockchain computing, video rendering has been successfully tested, and other functions are being planned for implementation.

The GAIMIN platform currently focuses on mining cryptocurrencies to monetize services. Currently, GAIMIN AI Engine contains 27 cryptocurrencies, and more cryptocurrencies will be added. GAIMIN collects mining fees for processing these calculations, and returns up to 90% of the rewards to participants in the processing network, and the remaining 10% is reserved for its own operations.

Passive reward

Rewards are paid in the form of mined cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in order to reduce users’ rewards in multiple different cryptocurrencies, GAIMIN integrates the rewards into a single cryptocurrency-GAIMIN’s own token GMRX. Users can receive rewards directly in their GAIMIN wallet, and can freely convert their GMRX into fiat currency, another cryptocurrency, or spend their rewards on goods and accessories provided by GAIMIN.


In order to bring tangible benefits to GMRX token holders, GAIMIN will launch GMRX on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing GMRX to be traded and exchanged. Before the launch, GAIMIN will release 8,888 Genesis NFTs, providing owners with 12 months of monthly GMRX airdrops and physical tokens. These Genesis NFTs will be limited to 88 black gold, 2,800 gold and 6,000 silver, each with its own dedicated utility. Uniform purchase price, random allocation, purchase limit of 20 pieces per person.

Gamers are motivated by the passive reward ability of this token, and may also see opportunities to earn game assets or NFTs for their favorite games, which are passively generated by using the computing power of their devices on the GAIMIN network of.

No players are left behind…

GAIMIN’s goal is to have more than 1 million active users in its network, most of which will be gamers. GAIMIN has a high sense of social responsibility for this influential community. GAIMIN will create a socially responsible gaming method to ensure that its community balances the fun of gaming with the non-gaming aspects of their lives.

GAIMIN will bring the game to underdeveloped countries and communities. Through future plans such as custom-designed dual GPU hardware, GAIMIN will provide impoverished users around the world with access to cutting-edge IT systems. The provision of hardware and communication infrastructure not only benefits the recipient, but also benefits GAIMIN through data processing. The cost of these services will be paid for by the processing power used within the PC device.

There are no disabilities and physical limitations in the digital world. GAIMIN will inherit this concept in the physical world. GAIMIN is seeking to provide equipment, solutions and gaming accessories to provide gaming experience for those who are unable to fully participate in the gaming experience due to disabilities

GAIMIN will build gamification in the GAIMIN app and dashboard. This will include topics such as personal development, personal responsibility, leadership, ethics, ethics, and social responsibility. Combined with formal skill development, such as game development, computer programming, economics and education providers, GAIMIN has the ability to shape the minds of 1.5 billion young people.

GAIMIN concept-“No player is left behind.”

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