Blockchain.com, a Crypto wallet and trading platform, Today announced the early registration list for the upcoming NFT market. As of now, those who are interested can Sign up Visited Blockchain.com NFT market for the first time.

In a few weeks, the functions of buying, selling and storing NFTs will be integrated into the Blockchain.com wallet.In addition, Blockchain.com recently launched a new NFT browser Learn more about the most popular NFT on the market.

“In the past ten years, we have helped tens of millions of people acquire cryptocurrency by providing a simple way to buy, sell, exchange, store and earn cryptocurrency. We want to make entering the NFT market like Entering the crypto market is just as easy. With the Blockchain.com NFT market (beta), you can browse, buy, sell, and safely store NFTs without leaving the Blockchain.com wallet.”
– Blockchain.com team


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