The labels of bread, eggs, milk and canned food have “expiration date”, “expiration date” or “expiration date” printed on them. The date on perishable food indicates how long the product you buy can maintain its flavor, freshness, and overall quality. You will find similar dates printed on over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and natural supplements.

When you buy CBD oil, you will also find an expiration date printed on the label, at least you should. Although most high-quality CBD products have a long shelf life, certain conditions may cause the product to degrade earlier than you expect. Whether you are considering a first purchase or just discovered a long-forgotten tincture behind the gummies and capsules, it is important to understand the signs that indicate CBD oil deterioration.

Why does your tincture spoil prematurely

Like any vegetable oil in the pantry, the shelf life of hemp-derived CBD oil tinctures is quite predictable. However, whether your CBD oil can maintain its flavor and overall potency for six or twenty-four months depends on several variables. Once you understand how the following factors affect the shelf life, you can easily purchase products that are less likely to deteriorate before use.

Suspicious crop cultivation

Industrial hemp has a well-documented ability to absorb heavy metals and other potentially harmful substances from the soil as it grows. This is why the best CBD oil comes from non-GMO, naturally cultivated crops. If you buy CBD oil from a company that relies on plants that grow in the soil, and the company does not conduct routine tests for heavy metals, chemical residues, and microbial contamination, your CBD oil may quickly deteriorate. 1

Unqualified extraction method

After the hemp crop is harvested, the cannabinoid-rich extract must be separated from the non-essential plant components. Some extraction methods are better than others. Although it is much cheaper to extract vegetable oil with chemical solvents, CO2 extraction More “cleaner” because the process is less likely to introduce potentially harmful by-products into plant extracts. Plant extracts damaged by substandard extraction methods may be chemically unstable. 2

Improper storage or clear glass packaging

If not handled properly, even high-quality plant extracts can quickly deteriorate. CBD oil is no exception. Ideally, industrial hemp extract should be stored in a dark, airtight container below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you buy CBD oil from a company that allows its products to be exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight at any time during the extraction, product manufacturing or distribution process, your CBD oil may deteriorate weeks or even months before the expiration date . 3 ,4

Has your CBD oil gone bad?This is what you will know

Even with occasional use, most CBD users can get their last CBD from the tincture long before the product expires, but this may happen. Although expired CBD oil is unlikely to cause serious illness, you will want to replace any expired products as soon as possible. The quality of cannabinoids will decrease over time, which means your CBD oil may not be as effective as when you first opened the bottle. If you notice any of the following signs of deterioration in the product, you also need to discard your oil, whether it has expired or not. 5

Your CBD oil has a fashionable smell

Like many other vegetable oils, fresh hemp extract has a rather unique aroma. Although many users who use CBD for the first time find this perfume a bit unusual, the smell of cannabis is usually described as a fresh, grassy smell, which is not unpleasant. When the cannabis extract, carrier oil, or flavoring in CBD oil tinctures deteriorate, they usually produce an unpleasant smell. If your CBD oil smells peculiar or foul, it may be rancid.

Your tincture doesn’t taste good

The taste of hemp-derived CBD oil is often described as natural, nutty or grassy. Even if the natural taste of cannabis is not necessarily your favorite, if you have ever noticed that at least a delicious tincture suddenly changes or “smells”, please stop using it. Even if your CBD oil smells good, any noticeable taste change may be a sign of mold, yeast, or bacteria.

Color or consistency has been changed

If you store CBD oil in the refrigerator, you may notice that your tincture looks cloudy. It’s ok. These changes will be resolved at room temperature. However, if your oil looks dark or cloudy at room temperature, you may see signs of product degradation. Even if these changes occur several months before the expected expiration date, changes in color or consistency should not be ignored.

What can I do to help prevent my CBD oil from spoiling?

The shelf life of any CBD oil may vary from brand to brand. Although the freshness and potency of most oils can be maintained for 12-24 months, there are several ways to help extend the life of CBD oil or prevent it from spoiling before the expiration date printed on the label. When maximum life is important, consider how the following suggestions can help extend the shelf life.

Pay attention to the temperature

If you live in a hot climate, you can store the tincture in the refrigerator, but the ideal temperature for CBD oil is 60-70° F, room temperature. A temperature of about 90° F may make your tincture cloudy. If you are used to storing CBD oil near the top of a stove, oven or refrigerator, overheating may cause the product to degrade. Instead, move your CBD to a cool location away from heating appliances.

Close your (original) bottle tightly

Keeping CBD oil in the original (dark) glass bottle helps protect the tincture from moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. Water can cause hydrolysis, oxygen can cause oxidation, and sunlight can affect the effectiveness of the product. Neither of these two interactions will bring you any benefit. Although you can hardly completely prevent exposure to oxygen or moisture, taking a moment to confirm that your bottle is tightly closed after each use can help your CBD oil deteriorate before use.

Insist on using third-party test products

The overall product quality directly affects the shelf life of CBD oil. One of the easiest ways to ensure you get high-quality CBD oil is to insist on working with mature companies that rely on third-party testing to confirm that their CBD products are pure, effective, and safe for their intended use. Sticking to a brand that regularly screens its products can reduce the risk of buying CBD oil tinctures, which spoil before you have a chance to finish a bottle.

When shelf life and expiration date are important, please visit CBDistillery®

Any CBD company can claim that their products have been tested by a third party. The most reputable companies support these claims with verifiable evidence. CBDistillery® is the earliest (if not the first) releaseThird-party test results, Certificate of Analysis (COA), applicable to every product we offer. What does this have to do with the shelf life or shelf life? More than most people realize.

When you check the COA on our product page, you will see that every product we provide has been tested by an impartial and independent laboratory. Not only can you use these test results to verify that your CBD oil is as effective as we claim, but you will also know that each product has undergone evidence of microbial contamination, yeast, fungus, mold, and bacteria that may damage the product Test quality. At the top of the certificate of analysis, you will also see the batch and sample number, collection date, and report date.

These dates are very important. When you scan the QR code printed on each CBDistillery® label, you will be directed to the third-party test result of the product in your hand. If the time has blurred the expiration date on the bottle, you can still access the date when the CBD oil tincture was originally tested for purity and potency.

Are you ready to learn more?

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