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Press release.Miami, Florida – Recent realities have changed many aspects of life, from the way we hold live events to how often we run out of a bottle of hand sanitizer. Although not all changes are improvements, the rise of digital art and NFT is undoubtedly positive. The face of the art world has changed forever, creating new opportunities for artists, not only financially, but also creative.

Miami may be famous for its art and party-filled festivals, but due to the existence of NFT, this is an unprecedented Miami. As an important part of recent art history, the city will certainly be full of digital art and NFT related activities, but there is not a collection of works like LGND will show.

Nearly two years after our lives changed, LGND made its debut NOh For Tonourists, the exclusive NFT art exhibition of Miami Art Week. Celebrate the latest advances in art and technology, create an artist-centered model, and demonstrate the power of the new era. LGND was created by artists for artists, and authorized its collective of world-renowned artists to integrate their works into the encrypted ecosystem in their own way.

As Tyler Carter, Creative Director of LGND Said, “We are very pleased to announce the LGND x Haute Living NFT gallery at Miami Art Week,’not suitable for visitors.’ This exhibition is a celebration of artists at the forefront of this media, and they are pushing the space into new areas. At the end of a transformative year, we look to the future and continue to focus on the independence of creators and how to empower them.”

Presented by LGND and curated by Pplpleasr, the artwork will meet this level of amplification head-on. In cooperation with Haute Living, Airbus, ACJ, Grand Seiko, Seasons LA and 8090 Partners, LGND will host a VIP cocktail reception on the evening of December 3 to attract enthusiastic crowds. NOh For TonOur main exhibition preview will hold a unique auction.

Showcasing the work of talented artists, including James Joan, Macei Kushiala, Praystation, Soey Milk, Ram Han, Ellen Sheidlin, Mike Lee, Swopes, Grif, Kouhei Nakama, Naive John, Robbie Trevino, Hush, Shantell Martin, Vince Fraser, All Smiless, And 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan, The exhibition is a carefully planned exhibition that is bound to trigger dialogue. The company presents the best, a group of legends and companies that are about to become legends are suitable. The opportunity to promote works in a way that allows all collectors to learn about this new media in the context of the center of the art world represents a certain climax that only LGND can think of.

Miami Art Week x LGND x HAUTE LIVING

Opening reception

Friday, December 3, 2021 | 5pm to 8pm

Sky Lounge Gallery

Thousand People Museum | 1000 Biscayne Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132

NOh For TonOurist Presented by LGND, curated by Pplpleasr

Sky Lounge Gallery online | Friday, December 3 to December 9, 2021

Thousand People Museum | 1000 Biscayne Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132

Just as NFT has left its mark on the entire art world, LGND is pleased to leave its mark on Miami Art Week and let more people understand the potential of artist-centric digital art and platforms to create truly incredible things.

Interested collectors should create an LGND account and register for bidding here join.

About LGND Art

LGND is a highly curated NFT digital art platform created by artists for artists. LGND enables artists to integrate their works into the NFT market on their terms, reach a global audience, and protect their digital heritage through blockchain technology. LGND promotes dynamic interaction and communication between high-end collectors and world-class artists.

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