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Strain of the week

Royal Gorilla Feminised Seeds of Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0This strain is known for its powerful strength and amazing THC levels. Normally, this strain will reach a THC level of about 25%, so it will not be confused. Royal Gorilla was previously only available in the United States, but it is now available all over the world.

Royal Gorilla Auto Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla Car Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0The breeders of Royal Queen Seeds combined the most powerful and decadent photoperiod strains in the catalog-Royal Gorilla and Royal Cookies-with ruderalis genes to create the spectacular Royal Gorilla Automatic.

Barney Farm’s Blue Ice Cream 41 Feminized Seeds

Blue ice cream 41 1BLUE GELATO 41 is our sensational new blueberry super hybrid with the West Coast. She is made by mixing the famous blueberries with thin mint Girl Scout cookies and fresh fruity Indica rice, Sunset Sherbert.

Red Poison Auto Feminised Seeds by Sweet Seeds

Red Poison Auto Feminized SeedThis strain is another 100% Autoflowering seed of Sweet Seeds. It is a combination of Green Poison, one of the most beloved varieties of sweet seeds, and an exotic purple-flowered self-flowering variety (the descendants of Pakistani Kush ancestors).

DNA Genetics’ Blood Orange Sorbet Feminized Seed (Sorbet Series)

Blood Orange Sorbet Feminized Seed Sorbet Collection DNA Genetics 0No one will misunderstand Tangie’s unique citrus flavor; well, we just make it better.

Blood Orange Sorbet is the perfect balance of Tangie and Sorbet! Combine the best aspects of Sorbet’s creaminess with Tangie’s citrus burst and you will get one of the most amazing alfalfa dominant hybrids. Through selection, we were able to shorten the flowering time to 8 weeks, thus forming a medium-sized plant with all the potency and yield of the resin intact.

Stardawg Autoflowering Feminized Seeds from FastBuds Seeds

Star RoadStardawg is an indica/alfalfa/ruderalis hybrid that grows well both indoors and outdoors, and it needs enough space for side branches. It exudes an amazing scent of pine and lemon in the planting room, which in itself is enough to lift the spirit. Within 8-9 weeks after germination, growers will harvest 400-600 g/m² or 50-300 g/plant within 8-9 weeks after germination. The buds are light green with orange pistils.

Good Shit Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Good shit feminized seeds Phoenix seeds 1 1We have been working hard to provide you with some real good things at very low prices, and now we have cracked it! This strain will be a wonderful smooth smoke that will shock even the most discerning cannabis lovers. The best way to describe the smell and quality of smoke is luxury. This strain has something special, from its exotic appearance to incredible quality.

Haze Express AUTO Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Haze Express Car Feminized Seed Phoenix Seed 0 2For a long time, growers have longed for Haze strains that are fast and easy to grow. This particular pressure is as close as what we will get now, and it is very impressive.

Purple Punch Auto Feminised Seeds at Barney Farms

Purple punching automatic 1Imagine the taste, incredible relaxation effect and potential benefits of this exciting USA X Barneys Farm pedigree! Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG x Big Bud x Skunk #1, this indica dominates, 80 cm, 18% THC, 1% CBD automatic flowering beauty provides a mouth-watering combination to ensure a feeling of happiness, euphoria and relaxation, Ideal for hair removal after a long day of stress.

Triple Cheese Feminized Seeds from Barney Farms

Triple cheeseThis strain is different from any other cheese strain on the market and is ideal for any true cheese lover. The talented breeders of Barney Farm have upgraded this classic British breed. Cheese was originally created in the UK in the late 90s and has been a favorite of the cannabis community ever since. There is no extremely tacky strain with triple cheese, hence the name.

Phoenix Seeds Original Skunk Express AUTO Feminised Seeds

Original Skunk Express Car Feminized Seed Phoenix Seed 0 1Original Skunk Express Auto is an upgraded version of original Skunk, Skunk is one of the oldest varieties. It first appeared in the 1970s and was released in the Netherlands. This strain took off immediately and became very popular. The effect is happy and uplifting, but very effective and long-lasting. The genetic background consists of Colombian gold, Afghan gold and Acapulco gold.

Seeds of feminization of Skywalker Kush through DNA genetics

Skywalker Kush Feminized Seed DNA Genetics 0When people demand high-yield OG Kush varieties, they are talking about Skywalker Kush! This is a clone that is very popular in the United States, and now DNA Genetics is proud to show this strain to the world. The taste of Skywalker Kush is similar to their OG Kush, but the output has increased a lot. Skywalker Kush’s production is above average and it has an excellent complex flavor.


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