Ren’s new real-time function can support and bridge almost any asset on any blockchain »CryptoNinjas

Ren’s new real-time function can support and bridge almost any asset on any blockchain »CryptoNinjas


Ren, an enabling protocol The flow of value between blockchains, Has announced that its Host 2 Host function is now active on the mainnet. Use host 2 host, virtual machine It can support and bridge almost any asset on any chain.

Some examples of token types and possibilities offered by Host 2 Host:

  1. General ERC-20 token: Now, RenVM can move general ERC-20 (such as $MIM) to any supported host chain, such as Solana, Abiturm, Polygon, etc. (as $renMIM).
  2. LP token: RenVM can now also transfer LP tokens from one chain to another, which means that if approved, RenVM can transfer $crvRenWBTC from Ethereum to Fantom and use it as collateral for stablecoins such as $MIM (such as rencrvRenWBTC) .
  3. Cross-chain native token: In addition, RenVM is now able to transfer the native assets of other chains to any other main chain, such as $SBR (SPL token, Solana token standard) to Ethereum and other chains, as ERC-20 (as $renSBR).
  4. Local L1 assets: Finally, RenVM can now transfer L1 native assets (such as $ETH) to other chains, such as Solana, in the form of $renETH (as an SPL token in the Solana case).

The initial assets supported by RenVM can be found below (in alphabetical order):

Native blockchain assets

  • ArbETH = Arbitrator
  • AVAX = avalanche
  • BNB = Binance Coin
  • ETH = Ethereum
  • FTM = Phantom
  • MATIC = Matic

ERC-20 token

  • $BADGER = Badger DAO
  • $ BUSD = Binance Dollar
  • $CRV = curve
  • $ DAI = Dai
  • $EURT = Euro tether
  • $FTT = FTX
  • $KNC = Kyber network
  • $LINK = Chainlink
  • $MIM = the magical internet currency
  • $ REN = Ren
  • $ROOK = GoalkeeperDAO
  • $ Sushi = Sushi swap
  • $ UNI = Uniswap
  • $USDC = U.S. dollar coin
  • $USDT = Tether

These ERC-20 and protogenesis assets have now encapsulated their counterparts on all blockchains supported by RenVM (such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Solana on $renMIM). The token contracts of all assets on all blockchains supported by RenVM can be found in GitHub.

Those interested in trying to move these assets can use the new RenJS V3 demo.

“With the emergence of Host 2 host asset support, the Ren Core development team needs to completely reform RenJS, a Javascript library that allows third parties and dApps to interact and use RenVM. These changes are significant and are the biggest update to RenJS so far. , Making it a more flexible and usable SDK suitable for the ever-expanding cross-chain DeFi world.”
– Ren team

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