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Our friend, Couch Leopard An Englishman from Texas (Tam L). please read.

An otter-like climate change warrior may save California’s coastal ecosystem Atlas Obscura (Chuck L)

call!Animals have fun and behave stupidly in award-winning photos TreeHugger (hairy)

Molecular analysis reveals the oldest Denisovan fossil to date (Kevin W)

Redoing famous experiments on the origin of life reveals key details that have been missed in decades Scientific American (Robert M)

Navigating a self-driving microscope at the nanoscale SpectrumIEEE (David L)

Studies have shown that the sun is likely to be an uncalculated source of water on the earth Curtin University (Robert M)

Studies have found that as the climate warms, rainfall will replace snow in the Arctic guardian. Resilc: “All of this will happen soon.”

This map shows the total amount of November rainfall in the nightmare of the Pacific Northwest Gizmodo (David L)

How to recycle plastic shoes to make new shoes YouTube (flexible)

Slaughter robot-if it is a human: kill() YouTube (David L)

What is the treatment for type 1 diabetes?For one person, it seems to work New York Times (Chuck L)

To save energy, the brain predicts what they think Quanta (Robert M)

How we become weekly forever

#Coronavirus disease

Due to Omicron’s concerns, WHO advises people in their 60s to “postpone travel” because the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the United States is increasing COVID testing at four US airports to stop the spread Daily mail

Despite Omicron, Israel will still host the Miss Universe contest Reuters (resilc)

How Brampton went from a COVID-19 hotspot to one of the most vaccinated communities in Canada CBC (Brian M)


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GM added:

This is about how molnupiravir creates variants by accelerating virus evolution without killing the virus.

Strangely, Gauteng is one of the places where they tried it. This does not change the fact that this branch is very long and can be traced back to 2020. So if this is indeed a chronic infection, it may have started from there. But what if this is an HIV patient, and someone tries to cure the patient with the drug and eventually leads to mutagenesis? We will never know…

However, despite the strong opposition from many people in the group, the FDA approved it, and they pointed out these issues.

We are doing our best to help the virus…

The National Public Health Department stated that the COVID-19 Omicron variant appeared in the Netherlands nearly two weeks ago Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Kevin W). However, as General Motors pointed out:

What do I say, this is the B.1.1.X virus, there has been no B.1.1 for a long time; the closest sequence to this is June 2020.

Therefore, chronic infection is likely to have started more than a year ago.

Then sometime between August and September this year, it won the prize with the correct additional mutation, spread from there to others, and spread rapidly in South Africa since early October.

In other words, finding it in other countries before the first RSA sighting does not disprove that Omnicron originated from RSA, especially considering the timeline of early inferences and earlier B.1.1 sequencing.

Omicron covers various countries from the UK to Brazil with an ever-expanding spread Bloomberg

Pay attention to the date (guurst):

According to a study on UK REACT data (blood tests performed on approximately 100,000 British patients every 5 weeks or so), we reported a long time ago that if it were not longer, the likelihood of elementary school students bringing Covid into it was that of adults 2 7 times for a family and older children. But no one wants to deal with the impact of children becoming disease vectors.

More in the “As We Say” category (see the rest of the thread);


Boris Johnson opposes expert advice to curb Christmas socialization The Guardian (Kevin W)

How 2 flights to Europe stimulated the spread of new variants The New York Times (David L). Well, we reported on this last Friday…


Biden’s message to Wall Street: Mass deaths will not interfere with corporate profits WSWS

FDA advisers barely support Merck’s Covid-19 drug Politics (Kevin C). When I did mathematical calculations, it was only 35% effective (the original 50% was reduced by 30%). charming.

Kentucky v. Biden 11/30/2021 orders. Grant preliminary injunctions to federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

White House COVID-19 Response Team Briefing-11/30/21 C-SPAN (Kevin C)


Before Covid, Bali was slammed by tourists. Now it has been slammed. Wall Street Journal


O-RAN is still not a challenge for Huawei or Ericsson Asia Times (Kevin W)

As the U.S. hunts down Chinese spies, university scientists warn against strong opposition New York Times (David L)

Who are the “mixed militants” in Kashmir? Diplomat (resilc)

New cold war

Putin drew a “red line” threatened to retaliate if missiles are placed in Ukraine New York Post (Kevin W)

The Space Force has a plan to train its troops.Now it must figure out what they need to learn NextGov (Kevin W)


Israeli settlers are building farms to drive Palestinians out of their land Mondoweiss (guurst)

Human rights groups call on the Pentagon to re-investigate the deaths of civilians in Yemen intercept

Empire Folding Watch

The Pentagon: America’s military footprint remains in place Responsible governance strategy (resilc)

Big brother is watching you

The new law allows undocumented espionage against Australians-what should be the next step? RT (guest)


Congressional riots: People who imitated Michael Jackson clashed with judges in court British Broadcasting Corporation


Biden’s imaginary left is not the reason the media hates him Counterattack

“He is on Lenin’s left”: Republicans worry that the Fed’s Cordley will further “Biden’s federal takeover” of the U.S. banking system Market observation. help me. The big conservative lie, as anyone in Ohio during the foreclosure crisis would be sure.


The Cuomo report highlights the role of senior aide Melissa DeRosa in trying to curb the sexual harassment crisis Washington Post (Bob)

Police national watch

“You want to kill me?” After many years, the mother and son died under the restraint of the police. Marshall Project (resilc)

Wake up the watch

No one seems to like Project Lincoln anymore politics. User-friendly: “It’s a shame.”


“Sheriff’s Office, it’s safe to come out”: A 15-year-old Michigan school shooter tried to lure screaming students out of locked classrooms after killing three and wounding eight, including those currently using ventilators. Teacher of six children Daily mail

A pregnant Florida library staff member was killed after drawing a gun from the hand of a bicycle she deliberately hit with a car Fox

Our famous free media

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely CNN (Bob H). Kevin W: “CNN is throwing Fredo at the wolves to save itself.”


Token disconnect Stephen Deere. Easy to use; “Haha, this is good.”

When multi-level marketing meets Generation Z Atlantic (hairy)

With oil prices plummeting again, OPEC+ is under pressure Oil price

Elon Musk on SpaceX: Interstellar spacecraft’s Raptor engine crisis is at risk of bankruptcy NBC Finance Channel. Resilc: “Tesla is a big liar.”

Users dislike Microsoft for fixing short-term financing applications on Edge ars technica (Kevin W)

Hawk Powell is a force that the market has not faced in three years Bloomberg

Class struggle

Ancient robots are objects of fantasy and fun Popular science (resilc)

Artificial intelligence is learning to manipulate us, and we don’t know how Discovery Magazine (David L)

Antidote of the day. I feel very guilty because I somehow missed the antidote sent by reader Kenneth M a long time ago. I hope he is still reading and seeing the following:

For the “Dear But Recently Left Pets” series, I recommend Mrs. Jayne. She is a rescued border collie/Australian shepherd hybrid. She enjoys life to the fullest and has never encountered squirrels or other animals that she would not chase.This is what she did a week ago, being a squirrel [evil tree rats!] She ran to the street and seduced her in front of an oncoming pickup, she instinctively chased it. I couldn’t help but sadly recall the line from “Blade Runner”: “The burning light is twice as bright, but it only burns for half the time-you burn very, very bright, Jayne.” rest in peace

And bonus (guurst):

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