Ethereum market value is less than 50% away from flipping Bitcoin-ETH is close to the highest price in history-market update Bitcoin news

In terms of market value, Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is already very close to the record high ($4,878) set by the digital asset on November 10th 21 days ago. Although Bitcoin’s dominance has fallen below the 40% area, Ethereum’s market dominance, or a market valuation of $557 billion, accounts for nearly 20% of the crypto economy.

Ethereum’s price trajectory is close to the highest point in history-the dominance of the Ethereum market increases

In the past two weeks, Ethereum (ETH) The value of fiat currency and year-to-date (YTD) increased by 10.8%, Ethereum An increase of 668%. The year-to-date Ether revenue is much greater than that of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) 190% growth in 12 months.At the time of writing, there are 31 billion US dollars in the world Ethereum The transaction volume and the market value of Ethereum are approximately US$557 billion.although Bitcoin It has a dominant position of 38.7%, 19.9% ??belongs to Ethereum, and the rest is held by 11,289 crypto assets that exist today.

Ethereum's market value is less than 50% away from flipping Bitcoin — ETH price is close to record highs
EthereumThe /USD chart on December 1, 2021, from Bitstamp.

Ethereum’s top trading pair is the stable currency tether (USDT) Because it commands 44.6% of all ether exchanges. Followed by the U.S. dollar (21.33%), Bitcoin (9.69%), BUSD (8.37%), Euro (4.18%), Korean Won (2.56%) and Japanese Yen (1.69%).In the past 24 hours Ethereum In terms of trading, Binance has always been the most active trading platform, followed by Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Bitstamp, Luno and Bitfinex.On-chain indicators come from Enter Block encryption analysis Indicates that the holder is currently making money Ethereum Today’s price is about 99%.

Ethereum's market value is less than 50% away from flipping Bitcoin — ETH price is close to record highs
Enter the indicators on the blockchain recorded on December 1, 2021.

Statistics show that the concentration of large Ethereum holders is 42%, while the concentration of large Bitcoin holders is 11%. 59% Ethereum Holders hold for one year or more, while 32% hold for one month to 12 months. Only 9% Ethereum According to the indicators on the chain, today’s holders hold it for less than a month. In the past 7 days, the value of Ether transactions worth more than US$100,000 was US$74.75 billion.

Demographics of Ethereum transactions show that 51% are from the Western Hemisphere and 49% are from the Eastern Hemisphere.There are seven Ethereum According to Into the Block statistics, the whale owns 21.19% of the circulating supply or 24.89 million ether. More than 20% of the ether supply is held by institutional investors, and 57.89%, or 68 million ether, belongs to retail investors.

The market value of Ethereum accounts for 50.9% of Bitcoin’s overall market valuation

The total foreign exchange inflow last week was 8.22 billion U.S. dollars, while the ether outflow was 8.86 billion U.S. dollars. In the past week, Ethereum’s new addresses increased by 13.45%, and active addresses increased by 9.95%.

Ethereum's market value is less than 50% away from flipping Bitcoin — ETH price is close to record highs
Ethereum’s computing power on December 1, 2021.

Since March 2016, Ethereum’s computing power At the time of writing, it has increased from 1.5 terahash (TH/s) to 956.25 TH/s. EthereumWith the increase in prices, Ethereum’s computing power has increased by 63,233% since 2016. The computing power of Ethereum has never been higher, reaching 956.25 TH/s or 0.957 petahash/s (PH/s), which is very close to 1 PH/s.

Ethereum's market value is less than 50% away from flipping Bitcoin — ETH price is close to record highs
Flip watch on December 1, 2021.

Currently, Ethereum (ETH) It is only 3.8% lower than the ATH of encrypted assets, which was $4,878 per unit on November 10. Ethereum’s 24-hour block reward has surpassed Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Daily rewards exceed 124%.According to statistics Flip the watch, Ethereum command 50.9% BitcoinOf the current market value and accounted for 80% of the trading volume Bitcoin I saw it today.

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