Crypto derivatives giant Phemex launches a trading contest with a prize pool of up to 750,000 USD – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Crypto derivatives giant Phemex launches a trading contest with a prize pool of up to 750,000 USD – Sponsored Bitcoin News



Some people say that trading is a game of luck; others see it as an adventure sport. Just like athletes like to perform exciting moves, performing a perfect trade will bring a kind of excitement, for those who are new to the scene, Trading competition Let novice traders learn and grow as brokers, and give more experienced participants the opportunity to overcome new challenges.

If you know what you are doing, trading competitions may be an interesting way to make money quickly, but when you don’t have much to invest, especially when prizes are sluggish and the market is unpredictable, the level of risk may be difficult to prove. Phemex is no stranger to hosting trading competitions and successfully hosted Bitcoin Bonanza last month to celebrate its launch Reverse BTCUSD contract. This time, however, the stakes are increasing.

In November this year, Singapore-based crypto derivatives giant Phemex will launch its fourth edition “Phemex Trader’s Arena‘Trading competition encourages teams to compete for a huge prize pool of $750,000.

Fun and games

Unlike Bitcoin Bonanza, which only counts the reverse BTCUSD contract transaction volume into the competition, all Phemex contract products will be counted in the participant’s score.This means that every player will spend their dollars and Bitcoin For trading accounts, the higher value is included in the team’s final return on investment.The result of the personal bonus is the use of U.S. dollars and Bitcoin transaction account.

In addition, the participants who deposited their deposits Contract trading account During the registration period, you will get more prizes, deposit more than 2 have a chance to win up to $ 1000 trading bonus Bitcoin (Or $100,000). In addition, users can only participate with a single account, and players with a transaction volume of less than $500 will be disqualified from receiving rewards.

Team and captain registration will be open from November 25, 2021 to December 9, 2021, and Bitcoin Three-quarters of a million dollars are online, and the stakes are huge. A team must have at least ten members to be effective. Teams that do not meet this requirement will be randomly reassigned to other teams after disbandment.

Depending on the number of team members, the captain who successfully forms the team can win up to $6,000. The ranking of the team will depend on the average return on investment of its top 10 traders, but players will also use PnL to obtain individual-level rewards and rankings.

Pot of gold

78% of the total prize pool is allocated to team prizes, while the other 22% is reserved for individual traders. 25% will be awarded to the top ranked team, 15% will be awarded to the second place, and 8% will be awarded to the third place. The final 30% will be evenly distributed among the remaining seven teams among the top 10 teams.

The captain will receive 40% of his team’s bonus, 30% of which will be allocated to the top 10 traders on the team, and all other team members will share the remaining 30%. However, for teams with fewer than 20 members, the captain can still get 40% of the bonus, and the remaining 60% of the bonus is evenly distributed among the other team members.

Of the 22% allocated to individual rewards, the first place will receive 8%, the second place will receive 5%, and the third place will receive 2%. The final 7% will be divided equally among the remaining members.

Phemex A series of Twitter activities have also been carried out to help spread information, and all registered participants are invited to follow their pages @Phemex_officialFollowers selected at random will be eligible to receive rewards throughout the competition, including limited editions and themed merchandise.

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