Blockchain security company Hacken and DeFi insurance agreement InsurAce deepen cooperation »CryptoNinjas

Chop, one Blockchain and cybersecurity consulting ecosystem, Today announced the establishment of a partnership with InsurAce, a decentralized insurance agreement. InsurAce will recommend customers to Hacken for security audits and bug bounties, and Hacken will recommend the agreement to InsurAce for insurance.

The two teams will also collaborate on Hacken’s site to pay attention to which agreements are insured. Ultimately, the two companies will work together to improve overall risk assessment and security audits. This mutually beneficial agreement lays a solid foundation for the common goal of protecting the encryption community from malicious hackers.

“After working with Hacken on the DeFi retreat at the Solana conference, we are happy to confirm this strategic partnership. Hacken provides world-class solutions for blockchain security, and we will work together to improve security.”

InsurAce covers more than 90 agreements in 12 different ecosystems. These agreements include projects such as Avalanche, Solana Foundation, Polygon, CoinGecko, and Alpha Finance Lab.

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