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Bitcoin Network The technology of CoinFLEX is being integrated to enable users to earn interest on various crypto assets, including U.S. dollars Stablecoin (flexUSD), through passive and active strategies.

The passive rate of return strategy is built on flexUSD, which is a cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar that can automatically provide compound interest payments for all holders, no matter where they hold it.

“We are very happy to provide an interest-bearing product that is easy to use and has minimal risk,” Bitcoin Network CEO Dennis Jarvis. “Now, our users can not only protect themselves from downward market fluctuations by trading into equivalent U.S. dollars, they can also derive benefits from these U.S. dollars that far exceed those of traditional banking operations.”

Start earning interest now, Bitcoin Network Users can exchange or “mint” flexUSD with just a few clicks.

Behind the scenes, flexUSD’s revenue is generated by fees and interest paid in the short-term lending market. Interest rates will vary, but they are usually between 10-20%. FlexUSD can also be used as collateral for transactions, which means you can earn income and trade at the same time.

CoinFLEX technology integration also brings advanced trading tools and products to the exchange Bitcoin Network The ecosystem includes physically settled futures and perpetual contracts with leverage up to 100 times.These functions are available in exchange, Users can also trade more than 40 spot currency pairs here: all major currency pairs, such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin cash) And Ethereum (Ethereum), and DeFi coins like UNI and SUSHI, popular meme coins like SHIB, and a series of other coins that we have never offered before.

Bitcoin Network Users can also adopt an active rate of return strategy by providing liquidity in a single and dual asset pool for the futures market.

CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb explained: “The system democratizes the income generated by the futures market, and the trading volume of the futures market greatly exceeds that of the spot. And because it is a hybrid model, the liquidity is scattered. Yes, but the order book is centralized, liquidity is provided and transactions are executed immediately, with the lowest fees.”

Bitcoin Network Traders can use the convenient APR Simulator tool to easily estimate the revenue generated by providing liquidity to a given pool and within a defined trading price range.

“In addition to providing people who want to trade at a higher frequency with the advanced tools they need, Bitcoin Network Now it enables the holders of crypto assets to use them for productive purposes and obtain income from them,” added Bitcoin Network CEO Dennis Jarvis. “This is a big step to expand the market Bitcoin Network Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive financial service platform to further support economic freedom. “

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