Biden tries to appease COVID as he sells spending plans

Biden tries to appease COVID as he sells spending plans



President Joe Biden traveled to Minnesota on Tuesday to promote his completed infrastructure deals and a huge social expenditure bill he is still working to pass, but he also found himself assuring the nation that he will be with the evolving COVID-19 threat Fight without resorting to “stoppages and lockouts.” blockade. “

Biden met with students in a garage space at the Dakota County Technical College in Rosemont, where bulldozers, backhoes, and freight trucks were located, and then gave a speech criticizing Republican lawmakers for opposing his social services and climate spending bill, the bill It will expand health care coverage, strengthen student job training at community colleges, and provide childcare benefits for low- and middle-income Americans.

Biden has always been eager to create momentum for his agenda, but he found himself once again forced to turn his attention to fighting the virus-this time because of global concerns about the spread of the omicron virus strain.

He said that on Thursday, he will elaborate on his plan, that is, “how we will fight COVID this winter, instead of shutting down and locking down”, but “through more extensive vaccinations, boosters, tests, etc.” Wait”.

Biden came to the suburban Minneapolis Institute of Technology, hoping to publicize his $1 trillion infrastructure plan and defend another $1.75 trillion spending bill. He is still working to pass the Senate. The legislation includes $5 billion for community colleges to expand workforce training programs.

The House of Representatives passed the domestic policy bill, the industry won a big victory

“Technology is developing so rapidly,” Biden told the students. “You have to be educated to make it work.”

Biden is on the occasion of this trip. In addition to facing the threat of the new coronavirus, he is also dealing with high inflation, because an important part of his agenda is still waiting for Congress to approve. Biden also needs to get Congress to take action to provide the government with temporary funding and maintain its borrowing capacity, because the debt ceiling may be breached in December.

Biden proposed an infrastructure package that includes funds for roads, bridges, broadband, water supply systems, and steering electric vehicles, as evidence that he can work across political channels. The measure was passed with the firm support of the Republican Party.

Biden won Minnesota with 52.6% of the vote in the presidential election last year. He visited the state’s second congressional district, a seat that may be weak in the midterm elections, and was narrowly lost to Democratic Rep. Angie Craig in 2020.

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The President pointed out that in August 2007, part of the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, causing 13 deaths and more than 140 injuries. Minnesota people witnessed the need to invest in the reconstruction of the national infrastructure.

Biden said: “Stop talking, it’s time to take action.” “This law makes a lot of investment in our roads and bridges.”


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