BCH House Venezuela showcases real cryptocurrency adoption in its first documentary – Bitcoin News

BCH House Venezuela showcases real cryptocurrency adoption in its first documentary – Bitcoin News



Bitcoin cash Venezuela, the home of adoption organizations, has released its first documentary on social media, which shows how Venezuelans use cryptocurrency as a means of exchange.Roberto García, the founder of the program, showed us the level of adoption of the program Bitcoin cash The House of Representatives initiative has been reached in Barquisimeto (a city in the western part of the country) and how merchants can accept cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin cash Venezuelan House showcases live adoption

Bitcoin cash Venezuelan House Bitcoin cash The adoption organization has released its first record, It shows the organization’s progress in promoting the use of Bitcoin Cash as a means of exchange and a store of value. Bitcoin cash House’s actions focused on Barquisimeto, a city with a population of 1 million, showing how businesses accept Bitcoin Cash for daily shopping.

Roberto Garcia, founder Bitcoin cash Casa Venezuela interviewed some of these businessmen to find out their general views on cryptocurrencies and investigate how they use cryptocurrencies in their companies and stores. These locations include bakeries, clothing stores, etc. Regarding Bitcoin Cash, a merchant stated:

Given the POS and cash issues we are now facing, this is an alternative for customers. Cryptocurrency technology makes banks obsolete because they take too much time to deliver funds.

Advantages of cryptocurrency payments

Venezuela is no stranger to cryptocurrencies.As the country was facing hyperinflation at the time (and continue Faced with), along with the devaluation of legal tender and foreign exchange controls, Venezuelans are prohibited from buying U.S. dollars and other international currencies to protect their savings.

This has led to an increase in the use of cryptocurrency in the country, making it one of the top countries in the African continent and the world in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. Now, due to the popularity of this solution, cryptocurrency is beginning to be used more as a payment method.About that job Bitcoin cash Garcia stated that House is working hard to promote Bitcoin Cash:

We have an executive team composed of 4 people who show companies the advantages of using Bitcoin Cash for payment, and we have the support of Satoshi Nakamoto to use the platform provided by the Bitcoin.com wallet to achieve this goal.

García is optimistic about the future of the country’s adoption of cryptocurrency. Although he has been focusing on small entrepreneurs, in 2022, he and his team will focus on enabling larger companies to use Bitcoin Cash. He hinted at including shopping malls and other large stores that accept cryptocurrency services.

The documentary is now available to watch YouTube.

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