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Accolade (NASDAQ: ACCD), a healthcare navigator, is under development. Not only are they now navigating the medical service sector through two new primary care/mental care products, letting them personally guide 9 million members further into the healthcare system, but they are also starting to talk more and more about their technical infrastructure and their The built “operating system” powers healthcare GPS by sharing data and access.

CEO Rajeev Singh stopped to introduce us to the strategy behind both parties (especially interesting when you consider his tech entrepreneurial background in the context of those “operating system” statements) and why Accolade launched its own new category (personalized healthcare) ) As a framework for discussing the new courses they are drawing.

We entered Accolade Care, which debuted in September, which bundles primary care and mental health in each employee’s monthly model, and Accolade One, which centers the complete Accolade ecosystem around Care products in a value-based model Pack it up. These days, the risk model seems to be getting more and more popular. I understand Rajeev’s point of view, why Accolade chose to bring one of them… and a product that belongs to the usual PEPM structure to the market.

However, what is more interesting to me is the whole “operating system” thing and how it works behind the scenes to strengthen the business acquired by Accolade (Health Reveal is the latest) and point solutions in collaboration with Virta etc., headspace Health, sword health, RxSavings solutions and carrot fertility. The “dedicated” architecture described by Rajeev sounds like it not only provides Accolade with what it needs to better manage population health outcomes in its own products, but it may itself build a new product for unwanted partners. Technology platform.

Explored new directions…discussed next steps…and celebrated the 6th anniversary of Raj’s CEO! Watch now.

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