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nation Race to contain As new cases were detected in various parts of the world yesterday, the Omicron coronavirus variant was suppressed by restricting travel and implementing quarantine measures.

People familiar with the matter told the Financial Times that the third case was found in the UK, and dozens of others were considered suspected cases.The government will start today legislation In the UK, it is mandatory to wear masks in shops and public transportation.

The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea have all restricted travel to and from southern Africa or ordered quarantine First determine, right Frustrated Aviation group.Subsequent stocks of the entire industry Plummet on Friday.Asia Pacific Equity The trading week started to fall But after last week’s decline, signs of recovery appeared in the morning.

The World Health Organization calls Equilibrium reaction For variants, the country reporting the case should not be “stigmatized.”

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  • Drugmaker Racing Test vaccine Oppose Omicron. This is what we know Regarding the variants so far.

  • China Say it Zero Covid Policy It will be protected from Omicron, because a domestic study warns against a “catastrophic” Western-style reopening.

  • Financial Times view: States should recognize that flight restrictions will impose Extremely poor And ready to provide assistance.

1. EU ministers call for an agreement to resolve the immigration crisis After 27 deaths in the English Channel last week, European ministers met yesterday to discuss how to end the boat crossing.They agreed that one UK-EU Immigration Policy There is a need for a framework and improved monitoring of traffic.

2. Half of this year’s large IPOs are underwater Half of the companies that raised more than $1 billion in IPOs this year include Swedish food manufacturer Oatly and Indian payment giant Paytm. The transaction price is lower than its listed price, Despite the strong global stock markets.

3. Brussels urges regulation of large technology companies Margrethe Vestager, the head of EU competition affairs, urged the approval of rules to curb the power of large technology companies. Even if they are not perfect“The important thing is that everyone realizes that getting 80% now is better than getting 100% forever,” she said. Vestager will deliver a speech at the FT-ETNO Technical and Political Forum starting at 9:15 AM Central European Time today. Register here.

  • Installation problems of the “gatekeeper”: The UK competition regulator expects Block Meta’s acquisition With the escalation of regulators’ attacks on large technology companies, the online image platform Giphy will be affected in the next few days.

4. The Bank of England: The blanket crisis poses a risk to UK financial stability The Bank of England is More and more worried According to three people familiar with the matter, regarding the impact of the crisis, they have been putting pressure on lenders to review their exposure to houses that may not be sold.

5. Virgil Abloh died of cancer this American designer The company said yesterday that it was known for bringing streetwear into luxury fashion. A rising star in the LVMH group died of cancer at the age of 41.

Abloh’s family said that he has been battling an aggressive cancer, angiosarcoma of the heart, and chose to keep the 2019 diagnosis confidential

Abloh’s family said he had been fighting an aggressive cancer, angiosarcoma of the heart, and chose to keep his 2019 diagnosis confidential © Reuters

Coronavirus Digest

  • Vaccine Manufacturing Innovation Center, A jab production center near Oxford, is at the heart of Britain’s efforts to prepare for a future pandemic. On sale.

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Vienna talks on Iranian nuclear issue Iran will restart talks With growing concerns about the scale of Tehran’s atomic activity, global powers are paying attention to the transaction. China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States will send representatives to attend the meeting.

  • deeper: The hard-line diplomat Ali Bagheri Kani, who once described the deal as a “complete failure”, will Leading the Iranian delegation In the meeting. In order for the meeting to be successful, “negotiations must resolve the issue of lifting sanctions”, He wrote.

Cyber ??monday On Christmas Eve, online retailers hold special promotions and prepare for Christmas Flood of orders After busy Black friday.

Epstein Trial Gisline Maxwell It started in New York. Jeffrey Epstein’s former colleague was accused of inducing girls to sexually abuse them.

Economic data Eurozone releases consumer confidence number, While Germany released quick data on the consumer price index, and Italy released monthly producer price index data.

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