“We are fighting back”: Global Black Friday strikes and protests seek #MakeAmazonPay

Yves are here. Unfortunately, these protests will be covered up by Omicron’s report. But on the other hand, the David-style single shot in the Goliath team did not win the labor-management battle. They are protracted exercises in guerrilla warfare.

Author: Kenny Stansier.Originally published on Common dream

On Black Friday, more than 70 unions and progressive advocacy organizations closed their workplaces and demanded on the streets of cities around the world—the most profitable day of the year in Amazon—the huge technology and logistics company pays them a living wage. . Employees and a fair share of taxes to compensate the society in which they operate.

“From oil refineries, to factories, to warehouses, to data centers, and to corporate offices around the world, workers and activists are on strike, protesting, and taking action to get Amazon to pay,” the movement wrote website. Although the League of Nations hold On the first Black Friday Day of Action 12 months ago, there has been an increasing number of people opposing Amazon’s abuse of power, targeting the e-commerce giant’s work stoppage and rallies. expected There are at least 20 countries on every inhabited continent this year.

According to the Make Amazon Pay Alliance, the planned actions include:

  • In Kathmandu, Nepal, the organizers of the UNICOM Nepal and UNI Nepal Liaison Committee will protest the right to defend Amazon’s suppliers and their decent conditions;
  • In Berlin, Germany, warehouse workers will march at the Amazon headquarters to launch Amazon workers’ anti-surveillance activities;
  • In Toronto, Canada, the Postal Workers and Warehouse Workers Resource Center will march at the Brampton Amazon factory to demand higher wages;
  • In Buenos Aires, Argentina, activists will take action at the Axion refinery to oppose Amazon’s services to fossil fuel companies such as BP; and
  • In Warsaw, Poland, a broad coalition of unions and environmentalists will take to the streets to protest Amazon’s repression of workers and arbitrary dismissal of its warehouses.

Sharan Burrow, secretary general of the International Trade Union Confederation, said on Friday that people all over the world are demonstrating, “to end impunity and to end impunity. [Amazon’s] Monopoly power. “

“They pay little or no taxes, but their obscene wealth is actually unrestricted,” Burrow continued.She emphasized the need to “persist[d] Be with Amazon workers every day” and thank the union for its unity.

Amazon is headquartered in the United States, but its influence spreads all over the world-with Huge workforce About 1.3 million people, excluding countless others employed by company subcontractors, have a carbon footprint of more than two-thirds of the world’s countries.Boycott one of the most powerful corporate empires in history-founded by Jeff Bezos, currently Second richest man People on earth-also transnational.

“Amazon is everywhere, participating in almost every step of the global economy, but we are also involved,” the alliance explained, which includes Progressive International, UNI Global Union, Amazon Workers International, and dozens of other unions and civil society organizations , Committed to eliminating inequality, tax evasion and climate injustice.

“In every link of this abuse chain, we are fighting back,” the alliance said. “We are workers and activists, depending on the region and our role in the global economy, but we are united and committed to making Amazon pay fair wages, taxes, and impact on the planet.”

Activists from the UK, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Bangladesh, Germany, Cambodia and Poland described “Amazon just doesn’t care”-exploiting workers and consumers, plundering the environment, evading taxes and exploiting its bad assets. Gained the benefit of exerting huge anti-democratic influence on legislators.

The Make Amazon Pay alliance stated on its website that the Covid-19 pandemic “especially exposed how Amazon puts profits before workers, society and our planet.”

For example, last year, Amazon became a trillion-dollar company. According to a video on the alliance’s website, “Amazon’s wealth has grown so much during the pandemic that its owners can pay $690,000 in Covid bonuses to all of its 1.3 million employees and remain as rich as it was in 2020.”

“During the pandemic, Amazon’s wealth has grown so much that its owners can pay $690,000 in Covid bonuses to all of its 1.3 million employees and remain as rich as it was in 2020.”

Bezos-he paid a real tax rate of 1.1% between 2006 and 2018, according toJune report from ProPublica-also the first accumulation Personal wealth exceeds US$200 billion.He surpassed this number in August 2020, just after he eliminated the short-lived Hazard pay Of Amazon employees, they continue to work with great health risks.

In addition, Amazon’s Destroy the union Earlier this year, the tactics were fully demonstrated in Bessemer, Alabama, at an event organized by the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

Union Organizer at Bessemer Warehouse short In the April election, an official of the National Labor Relations Commission Respected Invalidate these results after RWDSU and force a new vote Archive Nearly two dozen complaints accused Amazon of illegally threatening employees to lose wages and benefits, installing and monitoring illegally Ballot Collection BoxAnd remove pro-union workers from the so-called “Captive audience“The management opposes unionized meetings.

The Make Amazon Pay Coalition stated that in addition to relentlessly suppressing union efforts, Amazon also denied government revenue “through its world-class tax evasion efforts”.

“Like all large companies, Amazon’s success is impossible without a public institution established by several generations of citizens,” the alliance emphasized. “But the e-commerce giant did not give back to the society that helped it develop, but in 2019 “only paid 1.2% of taxes in the United States”, “higher than the 0% in the previous two years. “

As far as pollution is concerned, the alliance stated, “Amazon’s growing delivery and cloud computing business is accelerating the global climate collapse.”

At the same time, Bezos Said July-immediately after his first Suborbital flight, He admitted that it was paid by Amazon workers—he thought it was a good idea to move industrial production to outer space, threatening to push the adverse effects of capitalism outside the earth’s atmosphere, but it was unrealistic.

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