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A recent South Park episode called “Post COVID” a special show mocking the only currency accepted in the future is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This hour-long animated sitcom tells the story of the next few years. With the exception of Kenny McCormick, who has passed away, the protagonist has grown up now.

Stan uses Bitcoin to pay for one night’s stay at “Super 12 Motel Plus” in the future

Since Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the show in 1997, the popular TV sitcom South Park in Comedy Central is very famous in today’s popular culture. In the past 24 years, this animated sitcom has aired more than 300 episodes. In recent times, Stan Marsh, Kyle Brovlovsky, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick has been dealing with an interesting world. In the latest episode called “Post COVID”, Stan, now an online whiskey consultant, was informed by Kyle that Kenny had passed away.

The future version of Stan Marsh from South Park uses Bitcoin to pay for accommodation (Bitcoin) In the episode “Post COVID”.

When Stan decided to attend Kenny’s funeral, he was staying at Super 12 Motel Plus and was welcomed by a staff member who explained that Stan had booked one of the motel’s Mach 10 Super Plus rooms. “Of course, now we only accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” the motel clerk To Stan“Because… you know-this is the future-we all believe that centralized banking is being manipulated, so we believe in an overnight Ponzi scheme,” the Super 12 Motel Plus clerk added. “Yes, I know,” Stan sighed, and handed the clerk a card with a Bitcoin logo and a QR code.

Bitcoin has been appearing on TV since 2012

In the past ten years, Bitcoin has appeared in various scenes in many TV series. This year, Bitcoin was mentioned in the action TV series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bitcoin has repeatedly appeared in the American comedy series “Shameless”. The American TV game show Jeopardy also mentioned leading crypto assets twice.

Before South Park, Bitcoin appeared in the “Parks and Leisure” program, “Mr. Robot”, “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man”, “Navy CIS LA”, “Almost Human”, “House of Cards” and “Life Big”. explode”. Bitcoin was first mentioned on TV in the 2012 episode of “The Good Wife,” and the following year Krusty, the clown in “The Simpsons,” mentioned cryptocurrency.

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