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Grayscale, a leading cryptocurrency asset management company, seems to have seen Metaverse as a business opportunity. Yesterday, the company released a report examining the feasibility of this interconnected virtual world and how these economies provide investors with a profitable entrance, considering that the field may grow to 1 in the near future. Trillions of dollars.

The grayscale metaverse report paints a bullish picture

Grayscale is one of the leading crypto asset management companies. He said that Metaverse is an interconnected and alternative virtual world concept, which may be a business opportunity worth $1 trillion in the future.This conclusion is from a report Titled “Metaverse. Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economy”, the company released the plan yesterday, which analyzed the potential of the plan for early investors.

In this report, Grayscale describes metaverse as the beginning of a new paradigm, which will initiate many innovations in Web 3.0. Regarding the possibilities that metaverse can bring, it pointed out:

This vision of the future state of the Internet has the potential to change our social interactions, business interactions, and the entire Internet economy.

The company said that one of the first addressable markets in this area is the gaming industry, where the digital economy is at the forefront of this charge. With projects like Decentraland, the game will develop beyond that, Axis infinity, And the sandbox are already on display.

However, the Metaverse Project has other interesting market opportunities, including payment networks, decentralized financial structures, NFTs, governance, and identity systems that can complement the interactions in these worlds.

Attack on Meta

The report also criticized the Metaverse iteration, which is a closed company, such as Meta, formerly Facebook, which is trying to create it on its own. It pointed out that these closed Web 2.0 companies will have to develop to interoperate with other companies to truly enrich their meta-universe attempts. In this sense, the report emphasizes:

We don’t yet know how Facebook will achieve their Metaverse ambitions, but they, like other Web 2.0 companies, will need to make this challenging change when they face pressure to achieve quarterly results for shareholders.

The report shows that Metaverse World has a bright future, and invest Make In this regard, today may bring important dividends for companies entering the market.

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