Link 11/25/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/25/2021 | Naked Capitalism



Sorry, this is not about today’s link
I think there may be some fans of the PBS NOVA show in this smart crowd.

NC shared a lot of crappy ideas. I think the recent NOVA multi-part series is suitable there. so…
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The universe reveals disappointing


Some praise for your recent show, but also a lot of criticism.

I have been a big fan of NOVA since soon after I discovered it in the late 1970s. It covers a wide range of science-related topics, and this level is useful for most people who may be concerned about but easy to share the open crux of complex topics without being too esoteric in details.

One of the programs I particularly remember was your report shortly after the eruption/explosion of Mount St Helens. Then, some others are related to CERN and the Higgs boson. Many others are related to the trajectory of humans destroying life on our planet through global warming, climate change, or any current term. There are so many good ones, I won’t list them one by one.

So writing this review makes me very painful. I tried watching several shows in your “Universe Revealed” series. I find that they are somewhere between irritation and hypnosis. Due to: an almost constant swish background, the screen is almost constantly filled with generated or enhanced graphic images, as well as a slow and excessive plot narrative. Even if the person in charge who occasionally talks to the expert takes a break, they seem to be too excited, vague, or too concise about anything they show.

Shhh. Not my way of learning.

Some thoughts on current trends:
About 20 years ago, I first encountered various cable channels. Some seem to give me more access to smart programming, as I occasionally find on PBS. Look at names, science, National Geographic, history, Smithsonian. I think for a while they did show something related to their names. In my opinion, Smithsonian is the only one that still has some smart programming, although many things have become cheaper, and can produce things like drones covering “somewhere in the air.” Others are just full of infotainment fluff. Sheesh, even ghost hunting and UFOs. One thing shared by many of these programs is the almost constant swish background soundtrack. Of course, there must also be some kind of melodramatic narrative. There is usually also a ridiculous plot.

When there is almost no smart content on almost any TV channel these days, I feel sorry. Our young people will know that science, geography (world) and history are not based on facts, but will change with our whims and opinions.

So NOVA-please listen to my request.
Stop imitating your infotainment brother. Lost the almost constant swish background soundtrack. Adjust super-generated or enhanced graphics images. Leaving it for some interspersed really helps tell the story in context. Go back to those narrators who speak at a normal rhythm and are not emotional. Stop imitating the hyperbolic presentation of other infotainment, fluffy TV channels.

Shhh. A few days ago, CNN broadcast The Hunt for Planet B, mainly about the Webb Space Telescope. Of course, I think they bought the copyright instead of making it, but I watched it. I remember I was thinking that it is clearer and easier to watch than the NOVA “Universe Revealed” series I have seen.

Please stop making infotainment features that are not even good at presenting their themes.


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