Help children understand weeds

So basically the problem with children and drugs is that they are idiots. They don’t understand the difference between healthy and problematic drug use, and if you don’t talk to them about it early, they may have some nightmares in their teenage years. I think this is an important topic because my parents are always relatively easy when it comes to weeding. My father smoked when he was young, and my mother never encountered this problem. This means that I have much more knowledge about smoking marijuana as a teenager than my friends. When I say that a child is an idiot, I definitely mean it literally. What my friend did was ridiculous, including eating only buds without decarboxylation. Another problem is that it is easy to be dragged into unhealthy smoking patterns by friends. Smoking all day during adolescence can adversely affect memory, anxiety and various other things. The developing brain is extremely fragile, so it is important that children fully understand cannabis before they start smoking.

Don’t demonize it

The dumbest thing a parent can do is to make certain things look like they are forbidden. Forbidden things are very attractive to young people, and they like to resist. As a teenager, I will try my best to resist, it is very difficult. I have a secret tattoo. When my sister told my parents about it, they excitedly asked to see it and told me how much they liked it. In any case, if you tell teenagers that they are not allowed to do something because you say so, this is a reliable way to get them to do it. The goal here is not to stop your teen from smoking marijuana. The idea that it is a dangerous entry drug or that it will cause brain damage is utter nonsense. I know that if I have children, I would rather they smoke with friends than go out and be beaten. If you want your children to have a healthy relationship with weeds, then the last thing you should do is tell them they can’t do it.


One of the main problems I discovered when I was a teenager was a lack of knowledge. I learned a lot about drugs from my parents, which meant that I didn’t accept the strange things that other people provided to me with strange names that no one could really describe. There were so many things around, and the children took them away without knowing what was inside. If your child doesn’t understand medicines, they are more likely to take medicines that are more harmful than ordinary weeds. Teach your children everything they need to take drugs safely, instead of pretending that they don’t know how to take drugs at all. My father taught me about white grapes, about different tolerances, about different strains with various effects. So I know that drinking and smoking at the same time may make me sick. If I have other people’s weeds, I will eat a little bit so that I can see how it affects me. If you are a smoker, this is obviously easier because you can share your experience. If you do not smoke marijuana but still want to educate your child, please do as much research as possible. If they approach weeds from an educated perspective, they are unlikely to have a bad life.


One of the most important conversations you need to have with your child is about drug safety. Part of the rebellious ignorance is really stupid about drugs. Children who buy things from strangers in clubs are also children whose parents avoid talking about drugs. Safety is an important aspect of this conversation. Unfortunately, this is especially common if you have a daughter. According to personal experience, teen parties may have some real mobs waiting for girls to overdo it in one way or another. It’s definitely the key to start slowly again, don’t smoke too much or go straight to the pipe. Going a little at a time to make sure you stay in a happy place is not shameful. Likewise, if you are going to smoke from other people, make sure they are friends. This is especially important if they provide pre-rolled things. Even simple information like this can save your child from having a terrible night.

Peer pressure

If you talk about weed openly with your child, hope it can more easily deal with peer pressure. Now, this doesn’t mean to scare your kids and make them think that random older kids will tell them that if they don’t take drugs, they are not cool. Normally, peer pressure will not be so aggressive, and teaching your child to do this will confuse the problem. Peer pressure is when someone offers unity or flattery at a party or gathering, nothing more. It is important to let your children know that most of the time if they refuse, other children will not make fun of them or even really care about them. Obviously, some of their friends may be idiots and may try to sell things to them. If this happens, then you can always let your children know that not only are these people not worthy of being friends, but most of the other people there may be more weird because of their aggressiveness than you do not want to take drugs. Most of the time, parents tell their children that this kind of thing will not work. So maybe you can tell them that if they stand too high and end up vomiting on their shirts, they will feel much stupid than when they refuse when they are not ready. Sometimes it only requires a little experience and reality.

Basically just be honest with your child, talk about your own experiences, and make sure they know as much as possible so they can make their own wise decisions.

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