Green Friday in The Vault! 10% discount + free shipping!

Green Friday in The Vault! 10% discount + free shipping!



Green Friday in the vault

Hey, the vault team!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Since we do not have turkey to provide you, we will bring something else.Juicy, freshly cooked Green friday!

From November 26th 00:00 to 29th (UK time) 23:59, you can download 10% discount on our entire collection!

But we are not done yet-you can get Free shipping on orders over £69.90! This offer applies to you no matter where you are!

So, after I told you that we added a lot of new promotions, now imagine all the possibilities of this Green Friday! More free gifts, more purchase promotions…This is your chance!

Just enter the code’Green Friday 2021‘At checkout!


  • The code “GREENFRIDAY2021” is only valid until 23:59 on Sunday, November 29, 2021.

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remember: Sprouting cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries, including the United Kingdom. We have the responsibility to inform you of this fact and urge you to strictly abide by all local laws. Vault only sells or sends seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


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