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Press releaseManchester, United Kingdom, November 25, 2021: GAIMIN launches platform to create a global data processing network with “supercomputer” capabilities

British and Swiss gaming and blockchain companies, GAIMIN?A generation Ltd released a PC-based platform to create a global decentralized data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance, and announced that former Manchester United, Newcastle and England player Nicky Butt will serve as corporate ambassadors.

A new British technology platform aims to use high-end gaming PCs to improve the world’s processing power and has opened its platform to users. GAIMIN uses the unused processing power of the GPU of high-end gaming PCs to virtually enhance the global processing power, effectively creating a huge global supercomputer.

GAIMIN’s platform Use the “spare” processing power from gaming PCs to create a virtual source of interconnected, networked data processing capabilities that enterprises and institutions can use. GAIMIN currently uses this processing power network to “power blockchain computing”, which is commonly referred to as mining. Blockchain is part of the basic technology behind new advancements such as cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Metaverse. The GAIMIN platform uses artificial intelligence, selects the most profitable blockchain for power supply, and returns 90% of the rewards to users.

In the future, the GAIMIN data processing network will be used for more complex tasks, such as video rendering and future vaccine sequencing, enabling companies to run high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.

GAIMIN compensates gamers with its own cryptocurrency token GMRX. GMRX tokens can be withdrawn or more commonly on the GAIMIN market, NFT, game assets, accessories and commodities.

GAIMIN’s “virtual” processing power supply platform is a more efficient and effective traditional method of supplementing processing power, which relies on companies adding their own hardware or using centralized data processing centers.

With the support of industry experts and advisory committees including former professional e-sports athlete and strategy coach Joseph Turner and former Credit Suisse vice president turned into blockchain and crypto company regulatory and compliance consultants, the business has extensive experience in When it starts.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN, said: “This solution is designed to help solve the fact that the world’s computing power is insufficient. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also expressed this belief at the World Economic Forum.”

Martin explained: “The demand for data processing capabilities continues to rise. A centralized data processing center is a solution, but it is not without obvious limitations. Our solution decentralizes demand and obtains available power within a platform of interconnected equipment. And create a’supercomputer’ processing capacity without related risks.”

GAIMIN is also happy to welcome Nicky Butt, former Manchester United, Newcastle and England national team players as corporate ambassadors and investors.

Martin Speight further commented: “I am very happy to welcome Nicky to the GAIMIN team. He brings a wealth of experience, not only from his football and coaching career, but also from his entrepreneurial and investor experience. Nicky will become a member of the GAIMIN team. An important member, as an ambassador, representing GAIMIN, our technology, services, and brand value to its wide community of business, football and gaming influencers.”

When appointed as GAIMIN ambassador, Nicky Butt commented: “I am very happy to join the GAIMIN team. I am always looking for an exciting new business opportunity to participate; One of the skills, experience and interests that have been established in the past few years. GAIMIN provides me with an ideal opportunity-not only an investment opportunity, but also an active role as a company ambassador, helping me develop through my connections and experience business.”

About Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt is a former Manchester United, Newcastle United and England national team player who has only recently entered the field of coaching. Nicky played for Manchester United’s first team for 12 years and won 7 Premier League titles. As a member of “Class 92”, the super successful side of Manchester United in the 90s, Nicky is a co-investor in the Co92 program, including Hotel Football, Salford City and Co92 University-UA92.

After introducing GAIMIN, after evaluating GAIMIN’s technical and commercial potential, Nicky personally invested in GAIMIN and served as the company’s ambassador.

As the GAIMIN ambassador, Nicky will personally represent GAIMIN in some strategic business activities and help promote the company’s key marketing messages to its influential network. Nicky will also use his extensive knowledge and experience in coaching, teamwork and management skills to contribute to business growth.

About Gaimin

GAIMIN?IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a gaming company headquartered in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, focusing on helping the gaming community monetize the computing power of its gaming PCs. GAIMIN has created a decentralized data processing network that utilizes the underutilized processing power that usually exists in gaming PCs to create a global decentralized data processing network to provide “supercomputer” performance.

Free download of the PC-based application GAIMIN provides “supercomputer”-level data processing performance from a global network of independent processing equipment through an innovative method, thereby improving underutilized performance. The GAIMIN data processing network initially focused on the support of blockchain computing, and also supports many different large-scale data processing applications, including video rendering.

GAIMIN pays users with its own cryptocurrency GMRX, which can then be used to purchase NFTs, in-game assets, accessories and commodities on the GAIMIN market, or it can be converted into legal currency or different cryptocurrencies.

For more information, please contact:

Americas, Middle East and Australia Pacific – Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer of GAIMIN (based in Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

UK and Europe-Marc Bray, GAIMIN Communications Director (based in Manchester, UK): [email protected]

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