FT Alphaville presents: Inverse Winklevii Index

In the past five years, Winklevii’s Bitcoin brothers have developed a habit of making statements while asking you to question how they got into Harvard, but also understand how Zuck allegedly stole Facebook’s ideas from them. .

For example, who can forget Their assertion Bitcoin is a better means of holding value than gold, because Elon will eventually mine an asteroid full of shiny substances, causing a serious imbalance between supply and demand?

But we are not sure if this compares to Cameron Winklevoss’s tweet on another topic on Wednesday, where every Bitcoin brother suddenly became an expert: inflation.


If Cameron is right, inflation is hot.forget Shadow statistics or Chapwood Index, We are moving towards a new Weimar Republic. The trolley is ready.

Considering this shocking discovery, we thought, why not create an index so that this particular Winklevii can track the turbulent path of inflation since the establishment of Dollar Tree in 1986?

We can introduce you to the reverse Winklevii index:

If you are interested in licensing this proprietary data, please contact a member of the FT Alphaville team for complete details. Taking into account inflation, the price will increase by 25% from Monday, so please buy as much as possible.

Hat tips: Joe Weisenthal.

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