FirstFT: Southern African countries are included in the UK travel red list due to Covid variants

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Britain will house six southern African countries Back to the red list Following a surge in cases of severely mutated variants of the coronavirus, travel restrictions have shocked global health officials.

Government officials said that from noon today, travelers returning from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Eswatini will be forced to quarantine in government facilities for 10 days.

Starting at noon today, direct flights from six countries will be banned until hotel quarantine begins at 4 o’clock in the morning on Sunday.

Scientists are increasingly worried about the B. 1.1.529 Sars-Cov-2 variant, originally discovered in Botswana, evading vaccines and Faster transmission speed Variant than Delta.

The new restrictions caused the South African rand to fall by 1.3% against the US dollar to 16 rand-the currency’s lowest level in a year.

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1. British taxpayers face the risk of natural gas price fluctuations Taxpayers will Exposed Any increase in the wholesale price of natural gas may add hundreds of millions of pounds to the 1.7 billion pounds that the government has pledged to support light bulb energy.

  • View: The mistake is to limit retail prices while allowing growth-oriented companies to bear the price risk of a large number of commodities that are actually supported by the state. Writes Master Brooke.

2. Criminal prosecutors review allegations of German railway fraud The prosecutor in Stuttgart is Assess allegations of fraud Raised by two whistleblowers. If they conclude that there is a reasonable suspicion of potential criminal behavior, they can initiate a criminal investigation under German law.

3. Britain and France vowed to strengthen cooperation after the immigration tragedy French President Emmanuel Macron called on France, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to speed up their attempts to stop human trafficking. 27 people Drowned in Dunkirk.But a stronger security response may not enough Analysts said, in order to prevent the surge.

4. Spain passes the largest budget in its history Passed by the Spanish House of Representatives Officially recognized After Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez won the support of Catalonia’s pro-independent parties in exchange for an agreement to set regional language quotas on digital platforms such as Netflix, this is the largest budget in the country’s history.

5. Saif Islam Gaddafi banned from participating in Libyan presidential elections Libyan electoral institutions prohibit The son of the late dictator used his beliefs to participate in the elections of this oil-rich North African country.

Analysts say that the disqualification of Saif Islam Gaddafi is unlikely to cause new instability

Analysts say that the disqualification of Saif Islam Gaddafi is unlikely to cause new instability © EPA

Coronavirus Digest

  • this World Trade Organization head Warned that the high-profile discussion about the Covid-19 vaccine intellectual property exemption is “stuck“.

  • The airline is support A surge in infections Europe, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary predicts that there will be a “tension period” next month.

The days to come

Black friday Thanksgiving follows Consumer frenzy, Is now an international event, providing an interpretation of the health of the retail industry.

WHO emergency meeting on mutation The World Health Organization will discuss A new variant of the coronavirus, first discovered in South Africa and Botswana, is believed to spread faster than expected.

Economic Indicators Huw Pill, chief economist at the Bank of England, will give a speech on the outlook for the UK economy.France will freed Consumer confidence data and Switzerland will release third-quarter GDP data.

French fishermen strike Fishermen will block three French ports to prevent trucks from passing through the Channel Tunnel be opposed to Oppose Britain’s failure to issue licenses to some of its ships after Brexit.

London’s night subway is back Some services that were suspended at the beginning of the UK’s first pandemic lockdown will resume tomorrow.Mayor Sadiq Khan pointed out that the capital depends on good public transportation In this FT column.

  • Not everyone is happy: Drivers of five subway lines will be held General strike 24 hours from 4:30 in the morning today, in the debate about work-life balance.

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Saudi-supported plan to change golf Inspired by the Indian Premier League of Cricket, LIV Golf Investments, a US$450 billion Saudi sovereign wealth fund, aims to attract the world’s best golfers to participate in a series of championships and Challenge the power structure of the sport.

Abortion and the differences in the U.S. This summer, the Supreme Court decided not to block a Texas law that provides bonuses for private citizens to bring a lawsuit against anyone who helps an abortion after detecting a “fetal heartbeat.” Katie Royff asked. How did this become like this?

What the “big exit” tells us about inflation The pandemic has made more people think that the labor market is Not suitable for themBut if the resignation rate tells a clear story, the information from overall labor market participation is much more subtle. Chris Giles wrote.

Logic case using reverse logic What problems can we solve by doing exactly the opposite of what people expect? Here is an idea: Environmentalists should deal with climate change by buying coal mines and then closing them.Tim Harford look Other logic is reversed.

Tim Harford:

Tim Harford: “Obvious and direct changes have indirect and less obvious consequences” © Anna Wray

Chess is deadlocked Is there a lot of fun watching two people play championship chess? Artificial intelligence intensified the game’s old fear of “death in a tie”. The game was analyzed to the point where the victory disappeared. John Garper wrote.


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