Strains of the week – November 24 to December 1, 2021

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Breeders and seed types may vary depending on the week and the events that occur at the time. This means that no week will be the same as the previous week!

We will carefully select strains based on flavor, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yield, etc., and strive to satisfy all tastes.

Strain of the week

Mimosa E??VO Feminized Seed from Barney’s Farm

Mimosa EVOMimosa EVO™ evolved from the famous emerald triangle cut Mimosa. Mimosa was originally bred by Symbiotic Genetics and is now super charged! This 70% alfalfa-based plant is covered with large frosted buds, rich in star-studded cannabinoids and terpenes.

Royal Queen Seeds Cookie Ice Cream Feminized Seeds

Biscuit Ice Cream Feminine Royal Queen SeedCookies Gelato inherits the powerful effects of its powerful parent lines Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. However, this energetic duo is known for its sheer power.

Biscuit ice cream smells very good, and the THC content is as high as 28%. Such high levels of psychoactive cannabinoids can cause an immediate increase. One hit is enough to cause an orgasm that is enough to overwhelm a novice.

HulkBerry Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

hulkberry Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0HulkBerry is a fusion of Colorado’s wettest cannabis varieties. The precious Ghost OG cuts collided with the most fruity strawberry diesel variety, breaking a new dimension of moisture, from which Hulkberry was born.

CBD Auto Feminised Seeds from Phoenix Seeds

cbd car feminization seeds phoenix seeds 0This strain is suitable for sweet lovers who need more medicinal value. The ratio of THC to CBD is astonishing 1:1, and can even reach 1:2. The effect is pleasant and relaxing. This strain is recommended for those who suffer from convulsions, inflammation, nausea and anxiety.

Rhino Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Rhino RyderRhino Ryder is an auto-flowering strain that was produced by genetically crossing Medicine Man (also known as white rhino) with ruderalis. It is a fast-growing, early-maturing medicinal cannabis strain that does not require special skills or knowledge of the grower.

Fro-Yo Auto Feminised Seeds by G13 Labs

G13 from me automatically FroYo is made of (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies) x Ruderalis. It is an incredible strain that produces compact, purple, resinous flowers. The parents of the original hybrids are both cup champions and wildly popular breeds.

Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seed from Barney Farms

Pineapple chunksBarney’s Farm pineapple chunks are all indica hybrids of several popular strains: a cross between pineapple and cheese x skunk #1. The goal is to merge the taste and aroma of these two classic strains into a single, explosive cannabis experience.

Dutch Passion Blueberry Feminized Seeds

Blueberry Feminized Seeds Dutch Passion 0The Dutch Passion Blueberry is a true classic. Its genetics can be traced back to the 1970s. This variety has always been the favorite of the Dutch Passion Blueberry for many reasons. Its ingredients are 20% alfalfa and 80% indica.

Grand Daddy Purple – 5 feminine seeds of the purple Grand Daddy

Purple Grandpa 5 Feminine Seeds Purple Grandpa 0This strain is one of the most beloved varieties and was first introduced into the Bay Area in 2003. Soon after, it was adopted as a medicinal cannabis strain, and it became popular in California immediately.

Smoothie Auto Feminised Seeds by FastBuds Seeds

FastBuds Smoothie AutomaticSmoothie Auto is a hybrid of blueberry and Somango hemp varieties based on indica rice. Despite its self-flowering habit, it can produce a large number of high THC buds in a relatively short growth cycle.

Pineapple Express Automatic Feminization Seed by G13 Labs

g13 car pineapple express.jpgPineapple Express Auto by G13 Labs Seeds is best described as feminine, auto-flowering, and indica dominating. This extraordinary variety provides excellent yields while remaining compact (up to 100 cm).

Barney’s Farm Blueberry Cheese (Blue Cheese) Automatic Feminization Seed

Blue Cheese CarBlue Cheese is a merger of the two most famous cannabis varieties available. One is Skunk #1, also known as “cheese” and blueberries. The resulting strain is a high-yielding indica rice that maintains an amazing cheese taste and aroma.


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